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Hamlet – Octagon Theatre, Bolton

Writer: William Shakespeare  Director: David Thacker Reviewer: Jay Nuttall Brevity may be the soul of wit but brevity was certainly not on William Shakespeare’s agenda when he wrote the Danish classic. It is easy not to appreciate, when seeing a production every few years, the mammoth task a director, lead actor and whole company undertake when committing to stage the ...

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My Romantic History – Old Red Lion Theatre, London

Writer: D.C. Jackson Director: Marianne Oldham Reviewer: Kate Klatsken [rating:3.5] After a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2010, Mayford Rd and writer D C Jackson bring “My Romantic History” to London. It’s his first day at work and new boy Tom (David McCusker) is welcomed with office drinks down at the pub. However, nine drinks later Tom finds ...

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The Sacred Flame – Rose Theatre, Kingston-upon-Thames

Director: Matthew Dunster Writer: W Somerset Maugham Reviewer: Lettie Mckie [rating:2] The decision to revive a forgotten play is often fraught with difficulty and the pressures involved have both made and broken many a career. The popularity of playwrights ebb and flow with the tide of fashion and it is only the bravest of directors who break out against the ...

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