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Jamaica Inn – Tabard Thatre, London

Writer: Lisa Evans, adapted from the Daphne du Maurier novel Director: Anastasia Revi Reviewer: Richard Maguire The good news is that, unlike the BBC adaptation from 2014, the actors in the Tabard’s version of Jamaica Inn don’t mumble. However, the bad news is that, like the BBC show, the audience still doesn’t really know what’s going on. Even though Lisa ...

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The Tailor-Made Man – White Bear Theatre, London

Writer: Claudio Macor Director: Bryan Hodgson Reviewer: Stephen Bates With current stories of improprieties in the film industry seeming to be as plentiful as gold stars on Hollywood Boulevard, this revival of Claudio Macor’s The Tailor-Made Man could hardly be more timely. The play is based on the true story of William “Billy” Haines, a star of silent movies and ...

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Savage – Above The Arts, London

Writer and Director: Claudio Macor Reviewer: Scott Matthewman Homosexuals were among many of the groups targeted for extermination by the Nazis during World War II, that much is known. Lesser known is the involvement of Danish doctor Carl Værnet who, under the watch of Heinrich Himmler, conducted a series of hormone experiments on gay prisoners in an attempt to find ...

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In the Dead of Night – Landor Theatre, London

Writer and Director: Claudio Macor Reviewer: Stephen Bates   Film noir has just got plus noir. While in Hollywood researching his last show, The Tailor- Made Man, writer/director Claudio Macor began asking himself the question: what would classic films of the 40s and 50s have been like if they could have escaped the straitjacket of the dreaded Hay’s Code, which ...

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The Tailor-Made Man – Arts Theatre, London

Book: Amy Rosenthal, with Claudio Macor Music: Duncan Walsh Atkins and Adam Meggido Lyrics: Adam Meggido Director: Claudio Macor Reviewer: Ian Foster [rating:4] Described by Joan Crawford as “the happiest married couple in Hollywood”, new musical The Tailor-Made Man focuses on the 50 year love affair between Hollywood star of the 1920s William Haines and interior designer in the making, ...

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