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The Knowledge – Charing Cross Theatre, London

Writer: Jack Rosenthal (Adapted by Simon Block) Director: Maureen Lipman Reviewer: Maryam Philpott The black cab is an iconic London landmark every bit as recognisable as Buckingham Palace or St Paul’s Cathedral, and its drivers carry a hard-earned encyclopaedic understanding of the city’s 15,000 central streets as well as the various suburbs. The long process of obtaining ‘The Knowledge’ was ...

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The Braille Legacy – Charing Cross Theatre, London

Book/Lyrics: original French Book and Lyrics by Sébastien Lancrenon English translation: Ranjit Bolt Music: Jean-Baptiste Saudray Director: Thom Southerland Musical director: Toby Higgins Reviewer: David Guest Fighting against discrimination and changing the world through mad dreams could be the plot summary of any number of plays through the ages. At Charing Cross Theatre, whose productions are increasingly becoming unmissable under ...

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Death Takes a Holiday – Charing Cross Theatre, London

Book: Thomas Meehan and Peter Stone Music and Lyrics: Maury Yeston Director: Thom Sutherland Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Death was exceptionally busy in 2016 and aside from the ongoing wars and natural disasters he also claimed an exceptionally high number of actors, musicians and celebrities. Understandably then, he’s in need of a bit of a rest and fortunately Maury Yeston, Thomas ...

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Ragtime – Charing Cross Theatre, London

Book: Terence McNally Music: Stephen Flaherty Lyrics: Lynn Ahrens Reviewer: Scott Matthewman EL Doctorow’s 1975 historical novel,Ragtime, set in the early years of the 20th Century, sees three (predominantly New York-based) communities – Harlem’s African-Americans, Jewish immigrants and a WASP family based in the genteel community of New Rochelle – intertwining with each other and a series of real-life figures ...

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Titanic – Charing Cross Theatre, London

Writer: Peter Stone Music and Lyrics: Maury Yeston Director: Thom Southerland Reviewer:Scott Matthewman It was, to begin with, a monument to luxury, but ended as a shrine to hubris. The largest ship in its existence at its launch, theRMS Titanicwas White Star Lines’ answer to Cunard’s dominance of transatlantic passenger routes. Unable to beat theLusitaniaandMauritaniafor speed, theTitanicwas part of a ...

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In the Bar of the Tokyo Hotel – Charing Cross Theatre, London

Writer: Tennessee Williams Director: Robert Chevera Reviewer: Maryam Philpott   With Tennessee Williams, you want heat. You want intense emotional situations and you want characters railing against their surroundings, engaged in a futile battle against their own natures. Think of the meeting of Blanche and Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire, she is repulsed by this ill-mannered lout but drawn ...

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The Rinse Cycle – Charing Cross Theatre, London

The cast of Rinse Cycle

Writers: Roger Mortimer, Richard Wagner Director: Lynn Binstock Reviewer: Scott Matthewman Richard Wagner’s epic opera cycle, Der Ring des Nibelungen, is designed to be performed over four successive nights, resulting in a total of 15 to 16 hours’ worth of opera set in a mythical landscape filled with gods, giants, dwarfs and the occasional mortal. Unexpected Opera set themselves a ...

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