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Bingo! – Assembly Hall, Edinburgh

three women and a table

Writers: Anita Vettesse and Johnny McKnight Director: Jemima Levick Composer: Alan Penman Reviewer: S.E. Webster Pens at the ready! Eyes down! It’s fun, entertaining and contains only minor bloodshed. Not your average night at the theatre – much better in fact! A new collaboration between Stella Quines Theatre Company and Grid Iron, Bingo! focuses on the trials and tribulations of ...

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The Last Bordello – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: David Leddy Director: David Leddy Reviewer: Dominic Corr "If you would like a programme, it's just in the bin to your right" before this evening's production commences, already we are on a slight back foot. An innovative theatrical creation has lasting effects outside of its runtime, something synonymous with David Lenny and Fire Exit theatre. Those familiar with his ...

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How to Disappear – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

three people in a bedsit

Writer: Morna Pearson Director: Gareth Nicholls Reviewer: Gareth Davies It may not seem an obvious scheduling choice for a festive theatre production, but the Traverse Theatre's main stage show this winter is very much in the 'alternative' Christmas tradition. The spirit of Ebenezer Scrooge lingers in the play's themes of social injustice, political heartlessness and in the redemptive ideas of ...

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The Strange Case of Jekyll and Hyde – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: Morna Pearson Director: Caitlin Skinner Reviewer: Gareth Davies Robert Louis Stevenson's classic Gothic novella The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde presented the world with a definitive, genre-defining formula for a wealth of stories packed with horrors, both psychological and physical. And, nearly one-hundred and thirty years after it was written, it remains an invaluable touchstone of ...

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Three’s A Crowd – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Director: Jennifer Paterson Design and Costume: Becky Minto Lighting Design: Kate Bonney Composer: Luke Sutherland Reviewer: S.E. Webster As the month of January ushers in cold wind, heavy rains and snow, theatregoers will be cheered to hear that the New Year has also brought with it the 8th annual Manipulate Visual Theatre Festival. Helping to kickstart 2015's theatrical calendar is ...

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