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Myra’s Story – Assembly Rooms Ballroom, Edinburgh

Writer: Brian Foster Reviewer: Anna Ambelez A compelling piece of work from the start. Myra (Fionna Hewitt-Twamley) is begging for the price of her next “bottle of medicine”,as without it she is “open to attack from the ould memories of the person yeh once were”. Warned by her alcoholic father of being taken by “The Beast” the curse of the ...

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Tales from the Garden – Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh

Writers: Ameera Conrad and Kathleen Stephens Director: Kathleen Stephens Reviewer: Deborah Klayman A gentle yet challenging solo show from performer-activist Ameera Conrad, Tales from the Garden is a play about being a young woman, and navigating a world where women’s bodies are not their own. Set in both her native South Africa and in London, Conrad’s likeable character shares stories ...

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Nine Foot Nine – Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh

Writer: Alex Wood Reviewer: Clare Howdon Sleepless Theatre’s new offering Nine Foot Nine centres around couple Cara and Nate, who are about to have a baby. However, their imminent arrival is quite literally overshadowed when women begin to grow to unprecedented heights (hence the play’s title). As this freak occurrence becomes more and more prevalent, these women are referred to ...

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FIFTY-WORD FRINGE PITCH: Michelle Yim on An Evening with Miss Wong

With time being precious during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe we challenged this year’s acts to deliver a 50-word elevator pitch for their show. This time it’s the turn of Michelle Yim on An Evening with Miss Wong. The tragic and wonderful life of Hollywood’s first Chinese-American movie star – Anna May Wong. A play with songs. What other show shouldn’t ...

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With time being precious during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe we challenged this year’s acts to deliver a 50-word elevator pitch for their show. This time it’s the turn of Gratiano. We never thought we’d play the villain in our lives. Gratiano recounts his part in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, now set in Mussolini’s Italy, and explores how politicians can ...

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Choir of Man – Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh

collection of men holding beer

Reviewer:  R .G. Balgray Funny how a good plan can come together. Take a sentimental feeling of nostalgia for the disappearing traditional pub (the “sticky floor”, all guys together kind of tradition); add the current fashion for community choirs all singing together in different styles, then stir in the persisting survival of the variety act – this will let you ...

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Mies Julie – Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh

man woman lying on table two women fanning them

Writer: Yael Farber (after August Strindberg) Director: Yael Farber Reviewer: Deborah Klayman A smash hit in 2012, Mies Julie returns to this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe as part of the Baxter Theatre Season. Based on August Strindberg’s classic play with its strong themes of gender and class, this version is transported to post-Apartheid South Africa; superbly adapted, modernised and staged ...

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man in jacket waistcoat and hat stares at camera

It’s that time of year when we launch our annual series of Fringe preview Q & A’s. Next up it’s My Leonard Cohen. In one sentence tell us about your show. My Leonard Cohen offers arresting and imaginative arrangements of the late, legendary Leonard Cohen’s most-loved music. What made you decide to come back to the Fringe this year? Stewart D’Arrietta ...

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