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The March on Russia – Orange Tree Theatre, London

Writer: David Storey Director: Alice Hamilton Reviewer: Richard Maguire Until this year, theatre reviewers had to exercise caution when it came to writing about David Storey plays. Reliable rumour has it that back in 1976 Storey slapped The Guardian’s Michael Billington around the head after he had written a particularly sniffy review of Storey’s new play. In fact, there’s very ...

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While We’re Here – Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol

Writer: Barney Norris Director: Alice Hamilton Reviewer: Claire Hayes A typical suburban living room in Havant plays host to Barney Norris’s latest excursion into the lives of the lonely and unfulfilled. Carol and Eddie were lovers many years ago and meeting up again, seemingly by chance, she takes him in; no small gesture for Carol, whose existence has become contained. ...

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While We’re Here – Bush Theatre, London

Writer: Barney Norris Director: Alice Hamilton Reviewer: Stephen Bates We hear a lot about the problems of the young, a fair bit about those of the elderly, but what about the middle-aged? Barney Norris's 70-minute play, the inaugural production in the Bush Theatre's brand new studio space, brings together two lonely people who are old enough to have regrets and ...

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Echo’s End – Salisbury Playhouse

Writer: Barney Norris Director: Alice Hamilton Reviewer: David Jobson We’re already halfway through the centenary of the First World War, and many writers have been delving into the period looking for a different perspective on this turbulent period. For this latest contribution, playwright Barney Norris has brought a local point of view to the Salisbury Playhouse Echo’s End transports the ...

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German Skerries – Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough

Poster image for German Skerries

Writer: Robert Holman Director: Alice Hamilton Designer: James Perkins Reviewer: Ron Simpson The pre-publicity for German Skerries describes it thus: “A friendship, a marriage, a holiday, a death.” Factually this is correct; the impression, however, is slightly misleading. Of the three scenes, the first deals with the meeting and developing the friendship of Jack, a young factory worker, and Martin, ...

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Eventide – Brewery Theatre, Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol

Writer: Barney Norris Director: Alice Hamilton Reviewer: Kris Hallett It doesn't take long to realise that writer Barney Norris is the real deal. Within five minutes ofEventide, his follow-up piece to his award-winning debutVisitors,you feel yourself relaxing back in your seat aware that you're in safe hands. Without needing to resort to major narrative plot points or high stakes character ...

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Eventide – Arcola Theatre, London

  Writer: Barney Norris Director: Alice Hamilton Reviewer: Maryam Philpott   How can we ever determine the impression we have on another person’s life? As separate individuals we live surrounded by communities but it is impossible to really understand or experience another person’s life. Barney Norris’s new play Eventide set in a village pub garden explores the life of three ...

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Orson’s Shadow – Southwark Playhouse, London

Writer: Austin Pendleton Director: Alice Hamilton Reviewer: Karl O'Doherty   Forget for a moment that you know, as a very knowledgeable theatre-goer, that the three people in question here are some of the most important names in performing arts of the 20th century (arguments in the comments section please). Come to this as a naïf expecting a play about a ...

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