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Zoe Lyons – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Helen Jones


Zoe Lyons - The LowryComedian Zoe Lyons has appeared on such shows as Mock The Week and The Wright Stuff but neither have really given this observational comedian the best outlet for her specific brand of humour.

A true stand-up comedian, she spends most of the ninety minutes that she is on stage wandering around, microphone in hand, giving her thoughts and observations about things she has seen and experienced. She also spends a lot of her time interacting with her audience and these conversations lead to her going off on a tangent as thoughts occur. Miss Lyons finds humour in her own perceived failures and inabilities.

One of the most hilarious parts of the show is her recollections of her times on TV. She has done quiz shows Pointless and University Challenge. In both shows she freely admits that her supposed lack of intelligence left her feeling very humiliated. However while sympathies are engaged she invites you to laugh with her and not at her. As for the tales of her recent appearance on the Alan Titchmarsh Show, she left the audience in fits of giggles. In the same vein, her tales of dressing up for her brother’s wedding and travelling around the country on tour are achingly funny.

During the evening she discusses professional jealousy, including jealousy of a one eyed, one eared, diabetic dog in a dog wheelchair; Travelodges, invoking murmurs of support and distaste, and of coming across a woman pushing two chihuahuas in a ‘dog pram’. She also makes sure she has plenty of local references, commenting on making sure she says she in Salford not Manchester and the state of the pigeons in central Manchester.

This is a show that relies totally on it’s star. There is no set, simply a microphone and a table containing a bottle of water but the enclosed atmosphere created in the Studio is prefect for this very intimate show. By the end of the show you feel that you actually know Miss Lyons personally. You know more about her life and how her mind works than many people you might work with.

Miss Lyons uses facial expressions, physical movement and a huge variety of accents to emphasise her often caustic humour. This is a show which pokes fun at so many areas of society, however the only person she makes fun of is herself. This is a cosy and companionable show requiring the audience to be involved, however Miss Lyons has the talent to fill much bigger venues but somehow this warm show is much better than a large venue would allow.

Reviewed on 27th February 2013

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