Wolf – Camden Fringe, The Cockpit

Reviewer: Christine Stanton

Writer: Cameron Corcoran

Director: Naomi Wirthner

When teacher Mr Gill arrives on star pupil Lottie’s front door during the school holidays, it’s clear something is amiss. What has Mr Gill got to hide? Why is Lottie and her mother’s relationship so strained? Each character has a web of secrets and lies that quickly and grippingly rise to the surface and explode into reality. This sombre storyline deals with themes of domestic, sexual and emotional abuse.

The uncomfortable tension that Cameron Corcoran creates is palpable and, as much as you want to know more from the narrative, it’s about such unthinkable things that it’s also hard to hear. However, each scene is written carefully, with just enough detail to provide the heart-breaking backstory, while maintaining sensitivity to ensure they don’t cross the line into unnecessary sensationalism. The depth of the story-arc is evidently thought-out with enough speculation on who is telling the truth and what secrets could be unearthed, while also having an overall theme on how the cycle of abuse can be hard to break. What’s clear is that Lottie (Juliette Finn) has been failed by everyone in her life. Her mother (Lucy Ramsden) and Mr Gill (Corcoran) are both too absorbed in their own consequences to help. Both characters are terrible human beings, well portrayed by wonderfully talented actors.

Running at only 40 minutes long, it is a surprise that Corcoran can fit in as much character development as he does. Some additional scenes with the currently unseen father, or some more fall-out from the narrative would be a great way to give the audience more of this wonderfully written narrative. However, this is a selfish request, because this short performance does what many writers struggle with; it succinctly tells a suspenseful story, without feeling the need to elongate it and ultimately ruin it by losing substance, so hats off to Corcoran for successfully wrapping it up and still making it brilliantly engaging.

Although it is based on extremely dark subject matter that could be triggering for many, this is a well layered, well-structured show that shocks, saddens and seizes your full attention right from the very first lines.

Reviewed on 18 August 2022

The Camden Fringe runs from 1-28 August 2022

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Shocks, Saddens, Seizes Attention

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