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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot –The Barbican Theatre, Plymouth

Devisor and Performer:Rebecca Crookshank
Director: Jessica Beck
Reviewer: Karen Bussell


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is,appropriately, alot about booze, dancing and sex. And penguins. But it is much more too. Courageous Rebecca Crookshank’s debut show is an engaging, funny and movingstory, highly personal but with a wider reach.

Thenarrative is brave and intimate butalso pays homage to the too-often overlooked women in the armed forces and the outrageous hurdles they face in a misogynist environment.

Joining up straight out of school swapping divorcing parents for a military unit, basic training brings grit, determination and life-long friendship to the young Rebecca.

Postings prove challenging, tragic, uplifting, and ultimately bring unexpected warfareof a kind for whichno amount of parade ground marching, women’s press-ups or shooting range training wouldprepare her – WTF?

Hermonologue is peopled with instructors, lovers, bullies, and mates as she slipsin and out of myriad characters instrumental in her early career – for better or worse. A 90s disco hits soundtrack and projected increasingly personal photosappositely punctuate the piece ensuring change of pace and focus.

Parallels with her school peer group are stark and thought-provoking. While they study for A levels, Rebecca is learning how to kill; while they finish exams, she is working night shifts scanning the skies for enemy invasion- yet is still too young to vote or (legally) drink – and as they embark on a gap year, she is shipped off to be the only female on a remote hill on the Falkland Islands.WTF indeed.

Beautifully crafted, fun andshocking- a must-see.

Runs until 30 April 2016 | Image:Cecilia Cooper-Colby

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A must-see

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  1. WTF – what absolutely brilliant play. The RAFs loss was our gain. Great work Rebecca … from the welcome, the highs, the lows, the hard hitting fact and the accents! :-) Well done girl for standing up for yourself and doing what was right xx

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