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What Would Beyonce Do? – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Helen Jones


What_Would_Beyonce_Do_mainLuisa Omielan has an obsession with Beyonce. But while she is obviously a fan of both the woman and her music, her one-woman comedy show is more than a slavish dedication to the international star. Having graduated with a first class degree from Salford University, Miss Omielan found that the world wasn’t offering her the instant successful celebrity lifestyle that the younger generation is encouraged to expect these days. Instead she was signing on for four years and living a more mundane life. In order to cope she decided that when faced with life’s situations, she would consider what the diva Beyonce would do instead.

Talking at a mile a minute, Miss Omielan takes us through various aspects of her life, some funny but some serious. At thirty years old she found herself moving back in with her mother, having been dumped by her boyfriend and not wanting to continue paying rent on a London flat. She explores her attitude to men and sex, not stinting on either the language or graphic content of her exploits. She discusses her failed relationship and her feelings at being replaced by another woman and her relationship with various members of her family. She gently pokes fun at her mother. But the serious events are countered by irreverent recollections of circumstances when she channelled her beloved star to get through them.

The whole show is interspersed with references to Beyonce and why things that are happening to Miss Omielan would never happen to the pop star. The singer’s songs are used to both emphasise elements of the comedy and to allow both the audience and Miss Omielan to have a ‘rave’. Miss Omeilan is in and out of the audience, both while dancing and while talking, and the audience participation is a vital ingredient to the whole. She encourages the interaction and allows the diversions to control some of the humour.

Miss Omielan is a charismatic performer, with a sharp wit and great timing, unfortunately the constant swearing and graphic language tend to overshadow the real comedy, a little less bad language could turn a good show into something better.

Reviewed on 14th Novemeber 2013

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    This is such a poorly written review. Why are you repeating what happens and giving it away?

    As for swearing or graphic content, thats why its called WWBD?!’ I’m a young woman, covering topics relevant to young women, those include sex jokes. Reviews like this are so frustrating, dont be fooled, its a killer show. If you’re not a fan of pop culture, you’re not going to get half the references. That’s not to exclude anyone, but its something to be aware of when you come to watch a show with ‘Beyonce’ in the title.

    Please in future, try and comment more on the art form & the target audience, this is less a review and more a synopsis, it’s unfair on those who haven’t seen the show.