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Walking with Dinosaurs : The Arena Spectacular – Echo Arena, Liverpool

Writer: Warner Brown

Composer: James Brett

Director: Scott Faris

Reviewer: John Roberts


Walking with DinosaursBased on the award winning BBC Documentary series of the same name, the Dinosaurs have broken free from hi-resolution computer generated images and have taken over arena’s all over the world, finally coming to an epic end at the Echo Arena, Liverpool.

While the premise may be somewhat limited (a large scale show and tell) the visual impact more than makes up for it, full scale dinosaurs are paraded around the arena while Huxley the Paleontologist gives us the facts and figures of the large prehistoric beasts that are showcased to the audience.

Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods are covered in this £10 million history lesson, there is more then enough to keep the eager children in the audience engrossed during the two 45 minute halves, however the staging fast becomes a little too samey, and the interactions between the dinosaurs a little on the placid side (two battles and no contact), the events are beautifully underscored by James Brett with the same production qualities you come to expect from BBC Documentaries.

When director Scott Faris is allowed to really flex his directorial muscles, there are some very touching moments, Mother and Child T-Rex complete with caring nuzzles can’t fail to make you smile, on the flip side when a T-Rex looks at you eye to eye and gives the most ferocious growl, you can’t help but be blown away by the sheer magnitude of what is on display.

Walking with Dinosaurs is a massive feat of design and could have been a massive theatrical coup, however style over substance takes the reign here, a shame as the style is top-notch it just leaves you hungry for a little more substance.

Runs until 25th May

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