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VAULT VIGNETTE: After the Heat, We Battle for the Heart

Tallulah Brown (writer) and Carla Kingham (director) take the VAULT VIGNETTE challenge forAfter the Heat, We Battle for the Heart.

How would you describe your show in one sentence?

TB: Inspired by a true story that is visceral, wild and has gone unknown for too long.

CK: An inspiring story of passion, courage and DUENDE!

Is this your first visit to the VAULT Festival, if so what interesting tales have you been told about what to expect?

TB : I was here last year with my play, There’s a monster in the lake. We had a glorious two week run with such generous and enthusiastic audiences it’s going to be a very hard act to follow. I particularly remember the smell (!) the crowds pouring out of different shows along the passageway and the excited 7pm milling around near the box office when the night is full of potential AND that there’s no signal. Prepare to go underground!

CK: I never get used to the smell, it’s become ubiquitous of VAULT! I’m really excited to explore the space more this year. There are some great new venues and even a brilliant little pop-up, which I for one am very excited to try. We may not have signal but we will be well-fed…

How has the show developed on the way to the tunnels?

TB: I read Conchita’s book, found her story. It’s gone from scribbles, into Carla’s capable director hands, she’s responsible for all brains, the thinking and the placing and then Ita O’Brian choreographer for all heart, the dance and the movement. Together we make up some weird heady trio and then the actors… where would we be without ACTORS? I am obsessed with them. The work wouldn’t be there without them.

CK:I love the idea of us as a weird heady trio. Looking back it feels as though the development process has gone incredibly quickly, but the play and the characters have been living with us for a very long time. I think we all feel very close to the characters now. We’ve all had a hand in creating them, especially the actors, so it’s been a very holistic process, brought into beautifully articulate fruition by Tallulah.

How have you been preparing for VAULT Festival?

TB:Telling everyone I’ve ever met, annoying everyone I’ve ever become Facebook friends with and reading a lot of trashy crime novels to make sure I get to sleep and don’t churn over things too much.

CK: I’m getting to play with lots of new technical toys, which is very exciting and very necessary to realising this rather challenging piece, so my time has largely been spent figuring out how to use them!

What do you think sets your show apart from all the other festival offerings?

TB: Where it’s from – it has a female hispanic soul and energy and that combination sadly isn’t seen all that often in theatre. It genuinely feels like a very different story to be telling. We are taking a figure from history who was completely astounding in what she achieved and weaving that with a character living now, in London, the play takes a risk but theatre would be dull without those risks.

CK: It’s formally very exciting. There are of course limitations working somewhere like VAULT but the team have done a brilliant job of making the show as daring and exciting as possible – I think audiences will get to see something a little bit different. To echo Tallulah, this play does cover unchartered territory in more ways than one, and I think it very delicately offers some really refreshing questions and insights into conversations surrounding gender politics and self-definition

Whats the show that you dont want to miss at this years VAULT Festival (apart from your own!)?

TB: There are a magical trio for me which are Eggs, You Are Me And I Am You and Butter.

CK:Eggs, Run and Play

If your show was a creature lurking in the depths of a dark tunnel what would it be?

TB: If I say a bull is that a cop out? Someone has to mention the bull.

CK: Excellent question. A wolf.

After the Heat, We Battle for the Heartis performed at the VAULT Festival 24– 28 2016.

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