For six weeks theatre and performance ventures underground – literally!VAULT Festival is home to more than 100 different shows, from outrageous comedy and cabaret to hard-hitting political theatre and international dance.

Hidden beneath Waterloo, Vault hosts eight venues, three bars and even a restaurant!

For more information visit www.vaultfestival.com

Wood  – VAULT Festival, London

Writer: Adam Foster Director:  Grace Duggan Reviewer:  Richard Maguire Of all the shows playing at The Vault Festival this year, the most compelling beginning must belong to Wood, a play about a play about a film about a film. Straightaway the audience is witness to a film crew filming a scene for their porno. Everything is in place: the actress, ...

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Woman! Pilot! Pirate? – VAULT Festival, London

Creators: Grace Lyons Hudson and Samuel Kemp Reviewer:  Richard Maguire ‘The edge of the world is no place for a girl’ sing the two actors in this offbeat homage to Amelia Earhart, who vanished over the Pacific Ocean in 1937 while trying to fly around the world. Mixing mime and live music, Woman! Pilot! Pirate?is endearing, but is still rough ...

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INTERVIEW: Counting Sheep at the VAULT Festival: Genuinely Interactive

Most shows at the VAULT Festival only run for five days, but a select few have longer runs including this year’s feature show Counting Sheep. Based on the Kiev uprising in 2014, audience members restage the revolution in a thrilling show designed by people who were there and by the Free Theatre of Belarus. The Reviews Hub caught up with ...

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LGBTQ+ Roundup of Week 6 of The VAULT Festival

Even though it’s week six of the VAULT Festival, currently being held in the cavernous tunnels under Waterloo station, it seems as if London’s biggest fringe festival has never been busier. One of the most exciting features of the festival is the diversity of the shows, and in The Reviews Hub’s occasional roundup of queer slanted plays Richard Maguire talks ...

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The Apologists  – VAULT Festival, London

Writers: Iskandar Sharazuddin, Cordelia O’Neill and Lucinda Burnett Director:  Jane Moriarty Reviewer:  Richard Maguire In The Apologists, Gabrielle Scawthorn performs three monologues, by three different writers, on what it means to say sorry. How do we apologise publicly when we really don’t think we’ve done anything wrong, or how can we forgive someone when all they say is sorry? These ...

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Vespertilio – VAULT Festival, London

Writer: Barry McStay Director:  Lucy Jane Atkinson Reviewer:  Richard Maguire Making full use of dark, dank tunnels under Waterloo station, Vespertilio is a touching study of the last remaining greater mouse-eared bat in the UK, and two other lonely creatures.  It’s proved to be one of the highlights of VAULT Festival so far. Alan is the guardian of this solitary bat, ...

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Warped  –  VAULT Festival, London

Writer: Martin Malcolm Director:  Russell Lucas Reviewer:  Richard Maguire Some 50 years after their arrest, Reggie and Ronnie still hold their appeal. Films like Legend and The Krays continue to mythologise their lives and glamourize the violence they perpetrated. It’s not too hard to imagine young men of today being lured by the Krays’ signature starched white shirts and their pristinely ...

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Leave a Message – VAULT Festival, London

Writers: James Mitchell and Ed Coleman Director:  Jessica Rose McVay Reviewer:  Richard Maguire Week 5 at the VAULT Festival, and it seems to be busier than ever down in the tunnels under Waterloo station. Opening proceedings this week is Leave a Message, a thoughtful play about alcoholism, but despite some strong performances it does seem slightly too conventional for a ...

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