For six weeks theatre and performance ventures underground – literally!VAULT Festival is home to more than 100 different shows, from outrageous comedy and cabaret to hard-hitting political theatre and international dance.

Hidden beneath Waterloo, Vault hosts eight venues, three bars and even a restaurant!

For more information visit www.vaultfestival.com

Vulvarine: A New Musical – VAULT Festival, London

Book and Director: Robyn Grant Lyrics:  Robyn Grant and Daniel Elliot Music: James Ringer-Beck Reviewer:  Richard Maguire As we come to the final week of this year’s VAULT Festival, it may seem that V stands for Vault, but actually V stands for Vulvarine, the new superhero created by Fat Rascal Theatre. She’s sassy, kooky and brave. She will save womankind. ...

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Such Filthy F*cks – The Vaults, London

Writer and Director: Oli Forsyth Reviewer: Karl O’Doherty There’s a sweet appeal in this short, sexless play about porn addiction and the digital world. The relationship between the two main characters is almost ideal – supportive, passionate, tender – and the writing is firey and relevant without preaching. Two actors (Alice McCarthy, Luke Murphy) play about six characters between them. ...

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A Midsummer’s Night Droll  – VAULT Festival, London

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Brice Stratford Reviewer:  Richard Maguire Midsummer’s Night Drollbegins with great promise as lead actor and director Brice Stratford presents a short lecture on the interregnum when the theatre was banned. Despite the law, acting persisted with some actors going to Europe to continue their craft while others stayed in England and became involved in drolls, illegal ...

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The Church of the Sturdy Virgin – VAULT Festival, London

Creators: Dank Parish Reviewer:  Richard Maguire On paper, this immersive show sounds very good; A play which will challenge our well-established mourning rituals, and which will endeavour to create new ones for the 21stCentury. And as we join the funeral procession along the graffitied tunnel under Waterloo station, we are full of trepidation of what will follow.  But despite this ...

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Feed –  The Vault Festival, London

Devised by: Jonathan Peck, Louise Lee, Esmee Marsh, Yasmine Yagchi Director: Ailin Conant Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Fake news is really the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ills of the internet, one fatuous story can produce a raft of equally worrying outcomes – the permanent state of faux outrage in which we live, the complexity of issues ...

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Alcatraz – VAULT Festival, London

Writer: Nathan Lucky Wood Director:  Emily Collins Reviewer:  Richard Maguire The first ten minutes of Alcatrazare terrific. An 11-year-old girl leaves home in search of the most famous prison in the world, and she thinks she’s found it when she spies a secure building just off the city’s canal. She’s seen the film with Clint Eastwood often enough. Meanwhile, in ...

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My Father The Tantric Masseur  – VAULT Festival, London

Writer: Roann McCloskey Director:  Lolo Brow and Joel Samuels Reviewer:  Richard Maguire It’s a provocative title, and writer/performer Roann McCloskey takes no prisoners, warning the audience from the start that her show will be explicit, and that people could leave if they wanted. Although My Father The Tantric Masseur occasionally tackles sensitive material, it’s mainly made up of consensual sexual anecdotes, ...

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Without That Certain Thing – VAULT Festival, London

Writer: Rory Platt Director:  Chloe Christian Reviewer:  Richard Maguire Without that Certain Thing is a smart, fast-talking comedy thriller that ticks all the right boxes. A parody of American film noirs, writer Rory Platt has seamlessly transported the world of weary private investigators and elusive femme fatal’s to present-day London. And it works very well. Madeleine has come to the big ...

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