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Vampirette – The Opera House, Manchester

Written: Jonathan Choat

Director: Ed Curtis

Reviewer: Paul Downham

[rating: 3.5]


The World Premiere of Vampirette is the latest offering from ATG’s ‘Manchester Gets it First’ initiative of bringing the best new productions to the Manchester stage before anywhere else in the UK.

Not being the world’s most enthusiastic person when it comes to the genre of jukebox musicals, there was more than a little trepidation in anticipation of the evening ahead. The story revolves around Vampi, daughter of the Acula family, played by Lauren Samuels who is far from your typical vampire and who dreams of a normal life; soon she shows that just because you’re undead it doesn’t mean you can’t have a life.

The show begins rather slowly in both acts but soon gathers pace with clever interaction of song and dialogue, including some truly blood curdling one-liners which produce groans of appreciation from the lively audience. Special mention should go to the sublime choreography throughout the entire the show courtesy of Matthew Cole interpreted perfectly by the ensemble.

The stand out performance of the night comes from hapless love struck Andrew ‘Van’ Helsing played by Stuart Matthew Price who, along with Samuels, produce a truly memorable climax to the first act with a rendition of Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart, complete with flying bats soaring over the front rows of the stalls.

As with many musicals of this genre the end of the show plays out a medley of numbers seen during the evening and brings the audience to its feet where they quite rightly stay until the curtain fell. All in all this initially sceptical reviewer was won over by the show and would happily make a second visit.

Runs until 19th May


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  1. What the hell? This was one of the worst shows ever. How an earth did this get anything resembling a good review? Shame on the critic

  2. Great fun, I haven’t laughed like that for a while. A truly enjoyable evening. Total Eclipse of the Heart was amazing, very funny at the start and then sent shivvers down my spine… Beautifully Sung.

  3. Really fun evening – lots of laughter, and Total Eclipse of the Heart was just fantastic.

  4. I see the theatre Shills are out in style. How was Total Eclipse of the Heart amazing? The singing was good sure, is it because they flew (badly)? Was it so funny because he kept saying ‘turn around’ as she was singing and hoping she would look at him ( that sketch on that song has been done 1000 times before), or did you respond to the confetti and streamers that popped out at the end of it? It’s disturbing what people think warrants a good night out.

  5. Reviewers and theatre goers form their own opinions of shows they attend and thankfully these sometimes differ which is what makes the world an interesting place. If we all thought and appreciated the exact same things the world would be a poorer place.

  6. Absolutely awful! If I weren’t with friends who I was taking as a present, I’d have walked out at the beginning. And I don’t walk out of anything. How you got 3 1/2 out of 5 is beyond me. I love musicals, I love silly. I hated this. Bad plot, bad dancing, bad singing ( except Andrew) , bad choices of song, dreadful accents, stupid silly absurd waste of money. Loads of the audience didn’t make it back after the interval. Wish I’d have left with them.