USAH – Uncommon Stories of American Horror

Reviewer: Fiona Georgiou Hunt

Writer and Director: Giorgio Clementelli

USAH-Uncommon Stories of American Horror takes us on a 3000 mile journey through 84 locations across seven states of America’s Northeast unveiling 30 real life stories of American Horror.

Director Giorgio Clementelli leads us through the documentary using a mysterious narrator (Alex Di Nunzio), who wander through a gallery of eclectic artworks, with each new work triggering a new horror story to explore. While the title promises ‘uncommon stories’ most are not that uncommon, certainly the first half of the documentary explores well know stories of the Amityville Horror, Friday 13th, Psycho, Rosemary’s Baby and even, curiously, Ghostbusters, when the documentary makes its way through New York city. This doesn’t make the stories any less interesting, the documentary does uncover some get some fascinating insights into the place of these film events and their real life circumstances.

However, as the film progresses, it loses its initial promise by shifting to more of a tour of horror related places, facts, and tales around Northeastern states. The film investigates Salem witch trials and the legends of HP Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe. While these segments are informative, there is a noticeable shift away from the original premise of the documentary.

Clementelli’s approach to circumvent photo rights by using manipulated images and photomontage adds a layer of originality, and we don’t miss the lack of original movie footage. Narration by Mark Hanna adds a scholarly touch, and where there are segments of lesser-known horror stories they reveal some fascinating moments of American horror history.

Overall USAH – Uncommon Stories of American Horror is a mixed bag of documentary viewing. While it probably won’t satisfy the hard core Horror film buff, It’s a commendable effort for general horror enthusiasts and those interested in the obscure corners of American folklore. For those with a broader interest in history of the Northeastern United States, the insights into places, architecture, stories, and happenings in various states, will be of interest.

USAH – Uncommon Stories of American Horror will be released in mid-January.

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