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Tony Jameson: Football Manager Ruined My Life – Waterside Arts Centre, Sale

Reviewer: Holly Sharp

“This isn’t stand-up, this is a self-help group”. Football Manager, sure, you play it, but are you an addict or an enthusiast? Tony Jameson’s Football Manager Ruined My Life sets out to answer this question, with a fair sprinkle of Cherno Samba worship and Emile Heskey bashing along the way.

If you’ve got little-to-no knowledge of Football Manager (FM), it could be argued that this show’s a tad inaccessible, though admittedly anyone buying tickets for a show called ‘Football Manager Ruined My Life’ is definitely asking for it. There’s no way around it, were Jameson to resort to his pre-stand-up roots as a university lecturer and do ‘Football Manager 101’, fans expecting some Freddy Adu jokes would rightly kick off and we’d miss the encyclopedic knowledge, obscure references and geeky ranting that makes this show enjoyable even to an FM virgin.

If you’re a lifelong FM addict/enthusiast (delete as applicable) with a strong managerial career behind and ahead of you, expect to be shrieking with laughter, bathing in nostalgia and reminiscing over your own managerial achievements. Haters, apathetics or ‘deprived’ individuals who’ve never even heard of the game will have a great time, but will miss a fair share of the jokes. A topic that is second nature to some and untrodden ground for others is tricky territory, but Jameson makes it enjoyable for all, and downright belly-aching hilarious for anyone who’s spent many an hour, year…or 35 years, in front of their screen contemplating their next ingenious tactic.

Reviewed on 28 April, 2016 | Image: Contributed


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