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Tomorrow’s Parties-The Contact Theatre, Manchester

Writer/Director: Tim Etchells

Reviewer: Sophie Thompson


Tomorrows PartiesForced Entertainment are a unique company that often challenge and subvert the rules of theatre, so audiences may be wondering what to expect when viewing their latest piece, Tomorrow’s Parties.

The show is certainly different, but it is its simplicity and softness that allows Tomorrow’s Parties to stand out from the crowd. The set and the props used are entirely minimalistic; two wooden pallets are the plinths that the two characters announce their thoughts about the future on.

Superbly acted by Cathy Naden and Richard Lowden, the two characters express their wishes and dreams for the future. Although this all sounds hopeful and even whimsical, the overriding tone of the piece is despair, fear of the unknown and melancholic.

The most outstanding attribute of Tomorrow’s Parties is, without doubt, the excellent writing. Devised by the whole theatre company under the direction of Tim Etchells, the script offers some genuinely touching moments. There are some laughs to be had, yet mostly the script is sad and brilliantly moving.

Nadan and Lowdon must be commended for their handling of the script, the pace at which they deliver their lines really gives the audience pause for thought, and a chance to reflect upon own futures.

Forced Entertainment are renowned for leaving the audience dumbfounded and astounded. Although Tomorrow’s Parties follows a much simpler format, it will still leave audiences thinking, for long after the show ends, about what their own future holds for them.

Reviewed on 30th Oct

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