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Tiff Stevenson– The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Matt Forrest

Tiff Stevenson bounds on to stage armed with a rather funky bag and a mini bottle of vino, sporting a huge grin and a very cheeky sense of fun. Stevenson brings her Mad Man show to the Lowry. Launching straight into a rant about Australia and Irelands respective attitudes to same sex marriages and abortion, you’re instantly put on notice that this is going to be an evening of comedy with a clear message.

During the first 40 minutes, Stevenson covers a wide range of topics which include: Middle Eastern attitudes to women, the hate filled bile spewed by Katie Hopkins, all done for a biscuit, and the ludicrous nature of advertising, which provides the highlight of the first half: a perfectly pitched satirical mauling of the famous Jack Daniels adverts. What is amazing is just how much ground Stevenson covers, all done with intelligence, passion and conviction – the majority of the time hitting bulls-eye on its intended target.

Following the interval, we are treated to more of the same. On the receiving end of Stevenson’s caustic wit comes gun crime in America, a savaging of a Jenifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea music video, which does nothing for the feminist movement. It is at this point that Stevenson demonstrates that not only is she adept at good observational comedy, but also has gift for accents, as she mercilessly rips into Rap stars DMX, Notorious B.I.G, and Vanilla Ice (yes you read correctly there, Vanilla Ice) as we hear what their lyrics would sound like if performed with a regional accent.

Finishing with an unashamed piece on feminisation and equality, this was a highly intelligent, impassioned night of comedy, which is well worth seeing. Stevenson informs us that this is first nationwide tour, based on the audience reaction from this it defiantly won’t be her last!

Reviewed 7 February 2016

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