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The World of Wrong – The Lowry, Salford

Writer: Avis Cockbill and Janine Fletcher

Director: Avis Cockbill and Janine Fletcher

Reviewer: Laura Maley


The audience at The Lowry’s Studio theatre is welcomed to the strange and “schizophrenically chaotic” (their words!) world of The Two Wrongies. In a 50-minute show, the duo – Avis Cockbill and Janine Fletcher – present a risqué dance comedy piece of theatre which slightly defies pigeon-holing, which may be to its detriment when trying to reach bigger audiences.

In addition to dance and comedy description, I would include ‘clowning’ as physical comedy is one of the biggest strengths of The World of Wrong. There is also adult language and substantial amounts of nudity and sexual content, which will not be to everyone’s taste.

Live sketches are interspersed with low-budget video clips – sometimes animation, sometimes the duo themselves. Some are more effective than others, the whimsical animations are sweet and the tutu-wearing chicken carries the ballet motif through nicely from the previous sketch. The Practical Applications of Burlesque video is also funny, but – as with a few items in the show – a little too long.

An initially amusing extended simulation of sex from the male perspective ends darkly, audience laughter gives way to shock; it’s an extremely powerful pay-off to the sketch.

The final sketch of the show sees the duo inhabit a single black dress. The essence of femininity, as stereotype would have it. This sketch in particular highlights the dance and choreography skills Cockbill and Fletcher undoubtedly possess, and this is a beautiful piece I’d happily see extended and built on, it works very well as a straight dance routine.

The World of Wrong is at times childishly funny, at times powerfully, politically, serious – but it lacks balance and consistency across the show. However, it is also fearless and unexpected and those are two welcome attributes in the theatre.

Reviewed on 9th September 2012

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