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The Treason Show – The Denton Lounge, Pavilion Theatre, Worthing

Script editor: Gary Beard

Director: Mark Brailsford

Reviewer: Jenni Dixon

[Rating: 4]


The Treason Show is a resident comedy company based at the Pavilion Theatre, Dome Brighton. They have a team of over 40 writers and the scripts are condensed and edited by Gary Beard to produce a fast paced satirical comedy sketch show.

The audience was full and satisfied from their meals and most were sat with drinks and all relaxed as the show began. The intimate setting of the Denton Lounge made for a warm atmosphere and from the outset everyone seemed “game for a laugh”. The performers were confident and relaxed. Each of the sketches were short and to the point; there were no long winded build ups to the punch line which kept the audience on their toes and still laughing as the comedians moved on to the next joke. The actors all had great timing and they made use of any mistakes on stage to interact with the audience and encourage a few more laughs.

Lighting was used to black out and end each gag very quickly. Perhaps not noticed by many but the projector showing pictures that related to the sketch was shining directly at the performers, which meant it wasn’t quite a back drop. This could have just been due to setting up in a new venue with limited equipment.

Some of the sketches were very up-to-date which showed how committed the cast were to keeping things new and fresh; Jimmy Saville being the most relevant of characters for sure.

Most political characters and news worthy celebs were used in the show with each one being stripped of any dignity by the comedians. This is definitely a show for a more mature audience and/or those with good political knowledge.

It was a literally a laugh-a-minute, fast paced comedy show – think “Have I got News for You” mixed with “Glee”. Well performed songs and great character acting with well-timed comedy made for a fun, friendly, intimate show filled with genuine laughter and a fantastic finale.


The show is touring several dates in the south of England until December 2012.


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