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The Rocky Horror Show – Churchill Theatre, Bromley

Writer: Richard O Brien

Director: Christopher Luscobe.

Reviewer: Joanna Forest


Rocky Horror ShowAt the Churchill Theatre this week audiences are welcoming ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ to Bromley with a sea of false eyelashes, suspenders and the sluttiest high heels!!!This is the legendary cult musical’s ‘40 Year Anniversary Party’ production, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Audiences do not seem to have tired of Richard O Brien’s ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ and are still as eager now to dance ‘The Time Warp’ as they were in 1973, when the musical premiered at The Royal Court Theatre.Surprisingly Brad and Janet’s adventure didn’t fare so well in the USA and the film originally bombed. It was a slow burn, but the people’s love for ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ is enduring.

As we listen to the Narrator guide us through the story, we are allowed to participate in the adventure, with no heckle too shocking, no singing voice too loud and no outfit too over the top!Young couple Brad and Janet’s lives change forever after an unfortunate breakdown in the middle of nowhere. They are forced to ask for help at a nearby castle. Nothing could have prepared them for what was in store – to be corrupted by a ‘Sweet Transexual’, witness a murder and meet an array of some very strange characters indeed!

This is a very glossy production with slick direction from Christopher Luscobe, choreography from Nathan M Wright and a band that sounds great.Popular children’s TV star Danni Harmer shows us a very grown-up side to her with a beautifully acted Janet. Sam Attwater brings a load of fun to Brad with great vocals. Philip Franks Narrator’s quick witted responses to the audience shout outs, saw him forced to pause the action as he waited for us to stop laughing.

Talented Abigail Jaye is the stand-out performance of the production. Opening the show as an usherette, then reappearing in the completely different guise of Majenta, Jaye impresses with her vocal ability and shines throughout.

The mega-mix at the end of the show sees everyone jumping to their feet to join in the dancing! Clearly having a ball!

So why is there still so much love for the musical 40 years later? Is it the no holds barred opportunity to join in the action? Is it that no-one ever gets bored with the combination of Rock and Roll and Science Fiction?Whatever the reason, I’m sure it will continue for many more years to come.

Runs until Sat 1st June


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    Went last night (29th May) for my first experience of the Rocky Horror Show. I was warned that I would feel over (under) dressed if I went in ‘normal’ clothes, but actually while 50% of the audience had made some effort with an article of clothing linked in some way to the show, it was probably less than 20% who had fully bought into the look.

    So I didnt feel totally out of place, but loved the effort others had made, it was like being immersed in and part of the show. As for the show and cast, I absolutely agree with Joanna’s comment regarding the performance from Abigail Jaye especially on her opening and closing ‘usherette’ vocals. The rest of the cast were excellent and I loved my first experience of the show.

    The interaction with the audience was hilarious and while there are obviously ‘placed’ hecklers with witty and well timed comments, others joined in quickly and added non-prompted comments which the cast managed really well. Philip Franks (Narrator) forgot a line a one stage (or I assume he did, unless it’s part of the play?), but managed that with grace and expertise, great job Philip.

    It’s definately a confusing story with some complex tunes and songs, so I understand why people see it again and again. But I can only thank the cast and crew for ‘popping my cherry’ with regards the show and giving me an excellent night out! may you have great success with this version.

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    Susan Daniels

    I took my family on Wednesday the 29th of May, we had a fantastic time. All the cast were brilliant, vocals were absolutely fantastic and the acting superb. Was a great nights entertainment, some of the audience arrived as some of the characters which enhanced the fun and everyone joined in. Dani did a wonderful job of portraying Janet she was also so lovely to my daughter who adores her when they met. I thoroughly recommend this show, may go again myself as they are touring the country.

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    Romy the romster Daniels

    I went to the show on the 29th may 2013. The whole day was the best day of my life! I am dani harmer (Janet) biggest fan ever I love her !!! She made a fantastic Janet and has an amazing voice. I was so happy to be in the same room as my idol it made me cry. When the show finished I got to meet dani and got a photo and an autograph I was hysterical by then. The producer of this show is amazing. I used to watch this show on video every single day as a child to of seen it live was even more special. My dad saw this show and really enjoyed it. He dreads musicals he hates them but he hates everything so for him to of enjoyed it then that’s shocking. I would recommend this show to everyone. Everyone in the show was fantastic. Rocky was good as well. Thank you for such a fantastic night!!!.