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The Lancashire Hotpots – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Paul Jones


The Lancashire HotpotsThe Lowry played host to a homecoming of sorts on Saturday night; with the return of Lancashire’s number one comedy folk group The Lancashire Hotpots. Described as a cross between Goldie Lookin’ Chain and Peter Kay, their blend of northern humour with catchy folk songs provided a delicious feast of entertainment.

Sitting with a friend among a sea of flat caps, high-vis vests and multi coloured waist coats, I felt somewhat of an outsider among their obviously devout fan base (maybe it’s because I’m Cumbrian, but having been married to a Lancashire bloke for 5 years I was certain that it wouldn’t take long for me to feel ‘reet at ‘ome’.) The Lancashire Hotpots opened the show with Wigan Church of Pies, and by the the first chorus has come around, myself along with the audience were already singing along with Bernard Thresher (Vocals and Lead Guitar), Dickie Ticker (Percussion), Bob Wriggles (Bass), Kenny Body (Drums) and Billy McCartney (Keyboards). Originating from St Helens in 2006 the success of The Lancashire Hotpots continues to grow.

The Lancashire Hotpots have the ability to breakdown the fourth wall and make everyone feel welcome, with drinks in hand, they have an ease which makes the youngest and eldest in the room feel part of the family and have a good old jig about. Despite their most well known song ‘He’s Turned Emo’ which was promoted a few years ago by Radio 1 DJ Colin Murray, their lyrical cleverness and the subtleties of their northern humour means the audience quickly catch on and join in the fun. The Lancashire Hotpots have produced songs Victoria Wood would be proud to have in her repertoire. Highlights of the evening include Chippie Tea, The Baking Song and Shop Mobility Scooter/Hey Jean.

In the times of recession and austerity that Britain is currently facing, The Lancashire Hotpots deliver an evening of top class entertainment where all of the audience are left smiling. If this is the Hotpot on offer I’d certainly go back for seconds.

Reviewed on July 6th

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