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The Events – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: David Grieg

Director: Ramin Gray

Reviewer: John Roberts


The Events - Traverse TheatreDavid Grieg has never shied away from creating debate or writing theatre that is unconventional in its delivery, and The Events is no different.

The Events explores how a female priest and choir mistress deals with the aftermath of a mass shooting during one of her rehearsals, we watch as she tries to understand the young man who was behind the attack and to find out what his motivation was.

Gray’s direction embraces Grieg’s stylistic approach, with a post-modernist breaking of the fourth wall, direct microphone address we are always on the outside looking in. We are left to slowly put together the pieces of the jigsaw that are given to us in order to understand what has taken place.

Using a different local choir each performance to help underscore the production (Coroedina at the performance I saw) adds a surreal and ethereal element to proceedings who are conducted by Emily Leather.

Neve McIntosh gives an emotional performance as the Priest in a downwardly spiral, slowly loosing control as she battles to find out information, this is beautifully juxtaposed against Rudi Dhamalingham’s more plainly delivered rôle as the Boy, among other characters that appear within, and it’s here that things become a little muddy, with little differentiation between the characters, it can take a while to tune in to which character is being presented.

The Events is a clever and powerful piece of drama, however at times the staging becomes its own enemy and rather than helping you debate the topics being discussed within, it does the opposite and pushes you a few steps back.

An engaging production which just doesn’t always hit the high note one was ultimately hoping for.

Photo Stephen Cumminskey

Runs in REP at The Traverse Theatre throughout August

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