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The Collision Of Things – Live Theatre, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Writer: Devised by company

Director: Ben Kidd

Reviewer: Anna Ambelez


The collision of thingsExuding ebullient emotional energy, The Collision Of Things is a youthful production that abounds with maturity.

Jan (Martin Bonger) and Luciana (Merce Ribot) meet, are instantly attracted, and co-habit. Yorkshire Tom ( Richard Kiess) comes to London to his estranged father’s funeral; wishing to connect with his father, he decides to stay in London and get to know it becoming Jan’s and Luciana’s lodger.

The story thread is roughly about three friends, A devised piece, largely drawn from the cast’s own experience, it raises questions about their relationships and journey in life; questions about the pressures of work, a mortgage having no child, not knowing your father. As Tom says, “…one day we will just be a picture in somebodies hand and at the moment mine is looking shit…” so what’s it all about?

This vivacious piece abounds with energy, wit and emotion. The scene in which Jan subconsciously escapes to another world while in the supermarket is particularly amusing and well played. The multiple locations are achieved with the clever use of lights, sound and the actor’s skills of mime and suggestion. The cast operate the sound from a laptop, which doubles up as an office.

Winner of the Best of BE Touring Prize at The Birmingham Fringe, The Collision Of Things Is widely advertised as a piece of physical theatre, it is much more. An eclectic mix of original musical score (Philipp Nash), movement, lights (Joshua Pharo), dance, mime and text all seamlessly blended together. The cast present their characters in a truthful way, moving from one emotion to another effortlessly. The lighting and sound are striking in their use of creating atmosphere and building tension. The audience well appreciating and enjoying the show responded well.

It comes from Move To Stand, an international Touring Theatre Company. Director of the Birmingham based two year old company Martin Bonger, also plays the Dutchman and Merce Ribot, the Argentinian is from Barcelona; it is a joy to hear actors speak a foreign language naturally without an accent.

In such a tightly presented show the opening somewhat lacks the

directness and audience contact that the executions of the performances have, feeling more like crew setting up. However it is in the nature of good devised pieces to grow and develop, so this may well change.

The production is in association with Little Mighty, a Leeds based Theatre producer, which works with many innovative companies, actors and projects. The Collision Of Things, moves to The Edinburgh Festival Fringe and is what real Fringe is about; three actors, some chairs, a water cooler and an hour of new vibrant entertaining, well delivered theatre.

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