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The Cat in the Hat – Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool

Writer: Katie Mitchell

Director: Suba Das

Reviewer: Jamie Gaskin

The Cat in the Hat is Dr Seuss’s tonic for keeping kids amused on wet days. Indeed, it is a wet day when the magnificent creature comes calling on a Boy and his older sister Sally.

The bored squabbling siblings let the purring pussy in – much to the annoyance of their Fish. Starting off gently with simple tricks the mischievous moggy wows them with some clever balancing skills, all the while insisting he only wants to have fun.

The brother and sister (Sam Angell and Melissa Lowe) are very keen to egg on the audience to mimic the actions from their seats. The show is loaded with moments for them to join in and cheer along the antics. Assisted by special music and words by Tasha Taylor Johnson.  Just a tip don’t sit too near the front if you don’t want to get wet.

The Cat (Nana Amoo-Gottfried) certainly has a commanding presence and lots of charm to keep his young clients amused. He really looks like the cat that’s got the cream. As befits a tale for youngsters there is plenty of action and virtually no plot which works well in this 100-minute offering.

And the action really takes off when Cat brings on Thing 1 (Celia Francis) and Thing 2 (Robert Penny).  It had been fairly physical up to now but the gymnastic abilities of these two really light up the stage and I do feel a “Please children do not try this at home” message might usefully be flashed up.

Needless to say, their exuberance does take its toll on the living room. Can the Cat and his pals make everything all right by the time mummy gets back?  And if you want your children to see to see a dowdy fish transform into a glittering goldfish which makes a real bubbly entrance why not pop along?

Runs until February 16, 2019, | Image: Manuel Harlan

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