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The Brothers Grimm – Square Chapel, Halifax

Reviewer: Rosie Revell

[Rating: 4.5]

brothers grimmOnce Upon a Time … the brothers Grimm; Jake (Mark Roberts) and Will (Phil Coggins) travelled the country collecting all the words they could find so they could write down their meaning in a book. Taking shelter from a storm they realise they have something more valuable in the tales they can make from these words and so the Grimm fairy tales are born with the odd modern twist.

So begins a magical hour of storytelling, shadow play, music and pop up for all the family that introduces the Grimm fairy tales in bite size portions that the youngest in the audience can follow and more importantly enjoy.

The three tales explored here are; The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids, The Hare and the Hedgehog and Rumplestiltskin. The actors bounce around the stage taking all the parts and telling the stories with true energy and enthusiasm. They are friendly and engaging and interact well with the children in the audience incorporating their responses into the show. There is plenty for adults to enjoy here too in rediscovering those fairy tales from their youth.

The show’s hour length duration flies by as each story is conveyed with just the right amount of warmth and just a little bit of gore. The set is simple, an open shack but it is versatile enough to become a dungeon, a field and a house The imaginative use of props; the scrubbing brush hedgehogs are particularly enjoyable, a definite highlight.

Babbling Vagabonds aim to share the theatre experience between the makers and the audience and it can be said with this production they have definitely achieved this.

The Brothers Grimm is touring nationally

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