The Art of Believing – Hull Truck Theatre

Reviewer: Christopher Holmes

Conceiver and Director: Daniel Martinez

Flamenco is a conversation. When dancers work together with singers and musicians the result can be exciting. The Daniel Martinez Company are deft performers with all the necessary elements of a traditionally organic and deep rooted national music troupe. With a current vibe that is darkly electrifying, its power springs from its absolute authenticity, reaching a wider demographic on its current tour where the art form aims to push boundaries and connect with a different audience.Fans of the more traditional flamenco musicalso will appreciate the show’s purpose.

Gabriela Pouso attacks each Cuban heel beat with aplomb creating an atmosphere seldom found on a cold dark January in Hull. Truly stunning. Full to the brim with rhythmic responses that shouldn’t work but really do! These guys are masters of their craft creating an assured ambiance which is truly uplifting.

Flamenco music and dance runs the risk of feeling a bit samey but this show is far from being blandly generic. The fusion between each of the elements is crisp and the relationship between dance and musicianship is heartfelt.

Stylish and stylised, polished and passionate, this sexually stereotypical show plays around with tradition whilst trying to modernise and even urbanise the art form. The premise a tricky combination. The cultural and historical aspects are all there bringing a raw energy to the main house space at Hull Truck.

There is an air of mystery tonight and, thanks to the glorious repertoire of the musicians and dancers, it left this critic wanting more, lacking only in momentum when after each performance track the guitarists have to tune up their instrument. The sheer movement and muscle memory in the finger placements are phenomenal though – truly commendable.

Flirtatious, steamy and sexy, The Art of Believing is sure to get you hot under the collar. It’s hot stuff; performed with an ardent and fiery flair.

Runs until 28th January, before touring.

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