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Brighton Bites: Rob Deb: Old Comedian of the Year Finalist 2018

After an amazing response last year we have once again resurrected our Brighton Bites mini-interviews. These short and snappy Q&As offer an, occasionally witty – often hilarious, insight into the acts strutting, sailing, surfing (insert preferred form of transport here) in to join the line-up of England’s largest arts festival, Brighton Fringe. 2018 was a record-breaking year for the Fringe with over 575,000 people attending the festival; and with 2019 promising to be more inclusive than ever, our Bites aim to give you a taste of what’s in store across the 4,500+ events and performances that are on offer.

Next up is Rob Deb: Old Comedian of the Year Finalist 2018 which will be on at Sweet @ The Welly.

Describe your show in one sentence?
A weight loss show for real people with real families, real jobs, and real decisions.

Why Brighton Fringe?
I have been coming back and forth to Brighton over close to ten years now and find both the place and the fringe incredibly supportive of small low tier shows like mine

How did the show get to where it is today?
Soon after failing to win Old comedian of the year I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and placed as a high risk for heart attacks by my doc. This show is hopefully  (I’m writing this in March) the culmination of me getting out of the danger zone as I spent the year coming up with ways to change my everyday life to lose weight and eat better all the time.

What do you think sets your show apart from all the other festival offerings?
I think that it is being written effectively as I write this as I’ve tried to keep a log to show the decline. June 25th I was 145 Kilos. By October 25th, I was 110. I went back up New Year 120 and currently 100. I hope that I will be 90 by the time the show is on

What show do you not want to miss at this year’s Brighton Fringe (apart from your own!)?
WOW! So many good shows! I would say singularly Jay Sodagar. Yes, he is probably my closest friend in comedy but a one-hour stand-up show from him will be a great opportunity to see intelligent ideas in proper comic delivery. I’m more experimental

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given, or would give, for performing at a fringe festival?
Your show is at the heart of your day. Everything else should only ever ease that. Never worry about turn out, promos, and industry because if you do, when they turn up, they will not see the best show you could have done.

With the theme of this year’s festival being ‘DARE to Discover’, we would like you to tell us a TRUTH – something about you or the show that fans may not know.
That with lifestyle changes you have to accept that ideals need discipline to achieve anything

Rob Deb: Old Comedian of the Year Finalist 2018 runs at Brighton Fringe from 25-27 May 2019. Brighton Fringe continues until 2 June 2019;

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