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Latitude Festival: The Lost Disc – Cabaret Tent

Writers: Will Adamsdale and Ed Gaughan Director: Tom Parry Reviewer: Kris Hallett Obsession is a funny thing. It can drive even the sanest person towards the edge, flipping sense and order into mayhem and chaos. Will Adamsdale and Ed Gaughan's new musical/comedy/play hybrid sees a music journo disappear down a conspiracy theory of his own making. Somewhere out there, he ...

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Stuart: A Life Backwards – Studio Theatre, Sheffield

Writer: Jack Thorne Director: Mark Rosenblatt Reviewer: Ruth Jepson [rating:5] ”Did I make it about me, when it’s supposed to be about you?” Stuarts’ line, close towards the end of the play, very much sums up what you’ll walk out of the theatre thinking after watching Stuart: A Life Backwards. It is almost impossible to watch this piece without realising ...

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Stuart: A Life Backwards – Assembly Topside, Edinburgh

Writer:Jack Thorne Director:Mark Rosenblatt Reviewer:Lucy Danser [rating:3.5] Alexander Master's bookStuart: A Life Backwardsburst onto the literary scene garnering rave reviews and forcing readers to think anew about homelessness, drug use and the way the system works. The story has all the elements to make a great play and, although this production has brought together some of the most exciting talent ...

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The Victorian in the Wall – Royal Court, London

Writer: Will Adamsdale Directors: Will Adamsdale and Lindsey Turner Reviewer: Stephen Bates [rating:3.5] Will Adamsdale came to prominence when he won the Perrier Award for Comedy at the 2004 Edinburgh Festival, but instead of following many of his contemporaries into arena tours, he has chosen the much braver option of exploring the potential for his brand of comedy in fringe ...

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The Victorian in the Wall – Northern Stage,Newcastle-Upon Tyne

Writer: Will Adamsdale with contributions from Jason Barnett, Chris branch, Matthew Steer and Melanie Wilson Co-Directed: Will Adamsdale &Lyndsey Turner Reviewer: Anna Ambelez [rating:3] Essentially a fragile love story, the couples flat unearths a Victorian man living in the wall during a knock through, what is the result? Many who see this piece will arrive at a different conclusion. The ...

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