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Film Review: Seahorse

Director: Jeanie Finlay Reviewer: Richard Maguire The male seahorse has quite a burden to carry. Not only does he have to carry the female’s eggs in a pouch until they hatch, releasing them into the ocean fully developed, but also the seahorse now stands as a symbol for the unpredictability of gender roles in the modern age. Jeanie Finlay’s beautifully ...

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The Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland – Summerhall, Edinburgh

Writers: Jon Haynes &David Woods Director: Ridiculusmus Reviewer: Deborah Klayman Challenging the stigma or accepted treatment of an illness such as Schizophrenia can be difficult in any arena, yetJon Haynes &David Woods are attempting to do just that in their new workThe Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland.Both men have real-world experience of mental illness: Haynes was sectioned for six ...

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Wounded – Birmingham rep @ TA Centre, King’s Heath, Birmingham

Writer: Jenny Stephens Director: Steve Ball Reviewer: Selwyn Knight [rating:3.5] Kate Mulligan, a born-and-bred Brummie, is a Combat Medical Technician serving in Afghanistan. Following a misunderstanding with a colleague, both are injured. She is repatriated to Birmingham, full of pain from her relatively minor injury and guilt as her colleague’s life hangs in the balance. Alfie Seddon, a born-and-bred Brummie, ...

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Our Fathers – Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry

Writers: Babakas Directors: Juan Ayala and Mike Tweddle Reviewer: Selwyn Knight [rating:3] Babakas is an international theatre group based in Birmingham. Its members hail from the UK, Spain, America, France, Belgium and Greece. They believe in combining experimentation with entertainment, celebrating difference and variety, and giving education and social development a central place in their work. Originally developed in 2010, ...

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