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Yellow is the Colour of Sunshine – Carriageworks Theatre, Leeds

Writer: Brendan Murray Director: Wendy Harris Designer: Kate Bunce Composer: Christella Litras Movement: Holly Irving Reviewer: Ron Simpson Leeds-based company tutti frutti always manages to combine a playful style with serious intent in its widely-toured productions for young children – in this case, from as young as three years old. It’s surprising to find that, in a colourful, apparently simple ...

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Keepy Uppy – Theatre Royal, York

Writer: Evan Pacey Director: Wendy Harris Designer: Kate Bunce Composer: Dom Sales Movement: Joel Daniels Reviewer: Ron Simpson Leeds-based, but with strong links to York Theatre Royal, tutti frutti and director Wendy Harris have a sure touch with plays aimed at children from the age of three upwards. Coming now towards the end of a longish tour taking in closed ...

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Ugly Duckling – York Theatre Royal

Writer: Emma Reeves Director: Wendy Harris Designer: Catherine Chapman Composer: Tayo Akinbode Movement: Holly Irving Reviewer: Ron Simpson Ten minutes before the start a young man in nondescript grey sits strumming his ukulele while the birds sing and a more colourful chap buzzes a dragonfly around the trees and plants of the attractively improvised-looking set. After a while the first ...

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WiLd! – Carriageworks, Leeds

Writer: Evan Placey Director: Wendy Harris Designer: Kate Bunce Reviewer: Ron Simpson WiLd!, Evan Placey’s delightfully entertaining, thoughtful and pertinent little play for tutti frutti is specifically aimed to raise public awareness of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and does so in the character of Billy, rising 11 and the bane of his teachers’ lives at primary school. Billy, most engagingly ...

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Snow Child – The Lowry

Production image of cast member playing in the snow

Writer: Emma Reeves Director: Wendy Harris Reviewer: Jay Nuttall What if a little girl, made of snow, miraculously came to life? With a jam-packed Christmas season at The Lowry, this is a new adaptation of a Russian folk tale you may never have heard of, often entitled The Little Daughter of the Snow. It is a curious narrative, which has ...

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CD Review: Jarrod Spector – A Little Help From My Friends – Live at 54 BELOW

Reviewer: Holly Spanner A Little Help From My Friends marks the 25th release from Broadway Records Live at 54 BELOW Series. Described as “musical dorkdom”, the set list was born out of a desire to explore the artists who inspired Frankie Valli. Combined with Spector’s passion for an ever expanding knowledge of Rock n’ Roll history, the album features Spector’s ...

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Rapunzel – Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield

Writer: Mike Kenny Director: Wendy Harris Composer/ MD: Chris Mellor Reviewer: Ruth Jepson Don’t go to the Lawrence Batley Theatre primed with the usual Christmas time ‘He’s behind you!’ Is Rapunzel a pantomime? Oh no it isn’t! Rapunzel is more of a physical theatre play for children and their families. Theatre company Tutti Frutti specialise in story based theatre incorporating ...

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