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Alice In Wonderland – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Original author: Lewis Carroll Director: Niall Henry Dramaturg: Jocelyn Clarke Reviewer: Dominic Corr How do you re-tell Alice in Wonderland in a way which has not been done before? The truth is, many can’t. Blue Raincoat, however, take an explored aspect, of an older Alice revisiting her time in Wonderland. How they go about this, cobbled together with string and ...

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Drone – The Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: Harry Josephine Giles Director: Rob Jones Reviewer: Dominic Corr A Drone has various definitions. For the most part, it is a hovering mechanical device, small in size but capable of unparalleled chaos, through its informative lenses or firearm capabilities. Drone, a constant sound in the distance, a background hum we grow accustomed too but never question. It is also ...

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Shine – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: Kema Sikazwe Director: Graeme Thompson Reviewer: Dominic Corr What defines you? Is it your past, your family? Perhaps more realistically it’s the societal labels attached from unwelcomed comments; immigrant, black, poor or untalented which ‘brand’ us. I, Daniel Blake actor Kema Sikazwe’s Shine gives an account of his own difficulties in finding his ability to not be a product ...

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Keep on Walking Federico – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: Mark Lockyer Director: Alice Malin Reviewer: Dominic Corr We will never live to see every truth unearthed. We will never find all which has been buried beneath the grains of sand about our own, our parents and companions lives. No matter how hard we try to uncover these, to ponder them – we just can’t do it. Any familiar ...

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Locker Room Talk – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: Gary McNair Director: Orla O’Loughlin Post Show facilitator: Dr Holly Davis Reviewer: Dominic Corr There are few things more powerful than a word, spoken or otherwise. The championed word shouted on the streets and in the press can have the widest impact both for resistance and oppression. The most dangerous word is the one they didn’t want you to ...

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What Girls Are Made Of – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: Cora Bisset Director: Orla O’Loughlin Reviewer: Dominic Corr Can you smell the chippy? Visualise the iconic image of Patti Smith’s ‘looks could kill’ photo? What about the stale sweat of a grunge bands’ van? Well, after Scottish theatrical wonder Cora Bisset’s autobiographical gig What Girls Are Made Of you’ll have no issues doing so. The multi-layered performance sees Bisset’s ...

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dressed. – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

woman festooned in silk clothing

Co-created by: Josie Dale-Jones, Lydia Higginson, Nobahar Mahdavi & Olivia Norris Reviewer: Dominic Corr As reviewers, we have a duty to treat the subjects surrounding the Me-Too movement and rape with individual respect. No longer resigning them to a sub-category of themes. Every production invites us to hear experiences, told in a multitude of fashions. They can be direct, symbolic, ...

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We Are All Just Little Creatures – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Original Concept by Christine Devaney Directors: Christine Devaney, Maria Oller & Jo Timmins Composers: David Paul Jones & Kevin Lennon Reviewer: Dominic Corr When was the last time you found yourself delighted? If you even remember the feeling at all. In uncertain times, we strive to maintain happiness, but delight is cast to the wayside. Three years in the making, ...

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