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East of Heysham – 3MT Theatre, Manchester

Writer: Philip Martin Director: Michael Whittaker Review by Brian Gorman A full house is always a very welcome sight for a relatively unknown play. East Of Heysham is written by Philip Martin, legendary creator of the 1970s BBC tv series Gangsters, plus a couple of 80s Doctor Who. Producer Gareth Kavanagh (of Manchester’s renowned Lass Productions, purveyors of many a ...

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Lifelong Yearning – Three Minute Theatre, Manchester

Writer: David Wake Director: Adam Grayson Reviewer: Tracey Lowe [Rating:3.5] Nia has the phone numbers of over 300 unsuccessful suitors in her phone. She just wants to meet “Mr. Right” and have the perfect date. Her flatmate, Monica, suggests she takes an evening class in order to seek out a potential husband. With basket weaving completely booked up, she opts ...

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Asylum Of Grace – Three Minute Theatre, Manchester

Writer: Neil Ely Director: Lloyd Eyre-Morgan Reviewer: Jo Beggs [Rating:2.5] Amber isn’t bothered about a relationship. She’s not planning on staying in the small south coast town for long. Sean’s really just a bit of a distraction, a bit of fun. But when she discovers that she’s pregnant her plans change dramatically and before she knows it she finds herself ...

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Exam – The Three Minute Theate, Manchester

Writer: Stuart Hazeldine Adaptors: Craig Hepworth, Richard Allen and Stuart Reeve Director: Craig Hepworth and Richard Allen Reviewer: Tracey Lowe [rating:4] Exam is based on a criminally underrated British film from 2009. It tells the story of eight candidates sitting an exam for a high-profile job in a company that is developing a cure for a deadly virus that is ...

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The Cell, 24:7 Festival – Three Minute Theatre,Manchester

Writer: Michael Crowley Director: Ron Meadows Reviewer: Nathan Shreeve [rating:4]   Set in the cell of prisoner Kelly, The Cell, by Michael Crowley, is the gripping portrayal of a relationship between a habitual criminal and his long-term liaison officer. Crowley is clearly a writer of immense skill, particularly with dialogue, resulting in a play which is a joy to watch, ...

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Firestarter: 24:7 Festival – Three Minute Theatre, Manchester

Writer: Dave Windass Director: Andrew Pearson Reviewer: Jo Beggs [rating:2.5]   In 1981 Peter Dinsdale, a disturbed young man who went by the name of Bruce Lee, was convicted in Hull after he carried out a spree of arson attacks. Writer Dave Windass takes this story as his starting point and creates Firestarter, a fictional drama which explores the forces ...

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