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BLOG: Annemarie Lewis Thomas – New Year… Same Problems

Firstly I’d like to wish all readers to these ramblings a very happy and healthy 2015. Secondly a big thanks to all the people that have contacted me about my Christmas Wish as written about in my last blog. What has struck me, is quite how many people have privately emailed to say that this is a very real problem ...

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BLOG: Annemarie Lewis Thomas… On the record

I got some fascinating responses from my last blog challenging all colleges to produce more new work. In fact, rather depressingly, I got more feedback from that blog than from some of my other blogs that I considered to be a little bit more provocative. People were quick to tell me about all the other colleges that had produced a ...

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BLOG: Annemarie Lewis Thomas… Only working with the working!

Well first off I’d like to say a massive thanks to those of you that read and then spread the news of my first foray into blogging. Special mention should go to those brave souls from other colleges who agreed with the sentiments of my first blog and were not only brave enough to RT or share its contents across ...

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