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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Bus Boy – The Warren: Blockhouse

Writer: Izzy McDonald  Director: Geordie Crawley Reviewer: Simon Topping In the middle of the stage sits a young man on a bike, he is looking for the mainland tourists arriving at his home, Rottnest Island. He wants to drive a bus; he has memorised all the routes (he doesn’t like to rely on google maps) and at the forefront of ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Garry Starr Performs Everything – The Warren: Burrow

Brighton Fringe Logo

Creator: Damien Warren-Smith Reviewer: Simon Topping As the impressively filmic announcer welcomes Garry Starr to the stage, the performer bundles on to proclaim theatre is dead. The disgruntled ex-Shakespearean actor is here to save the dying art form by performing all the genres of theatre for us and reignite our flame of joy for the stage, which he says has almost ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: About A Revolution – The Warren: The Hat

Creators: Windmill Young Actors Writer: Joe Gill  Director: Tanushka Marah  Reviewer: Simon Topping A red flag waves and the raised fist of communist solidarity greets the audience as About A Revolution begins. This, the latest offering from the award-winning Windmill Young Actors, is a weighty exploration into the themes of inequality and social change as seen through the eyes of teenagers in ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Last Night at the Circus – The Warren: Theatre Box 

Creator: Jane Postlethwaite Reviewer: Simon Topping As Last Night of the Circus begins the audience are treated to some fabulous images of vintage circus performers, leading us to wonder what the enigmatic title of the show could mean we are about to witness. Just as this thought passes through the mind Jane Postlethwaite happily appears spotlit on stage, bedecked in ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: I am Somebody – The Warren: The Hat 

Creators: Sirqus Alfon Reviewer: Simon Topping After some torchlight shenanigans and a "scan" of the Brighton audience in the dark, Sirqus Alfon burst onto the stage looking like vibrant circus militia, decked out in powder pink, yellow and blue army outfits, exuding energy and joy. Immediately immersing the crowd in what simultaneously feels like the 1980's and somewhere in the distant future, ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Obitchuary – The Warren: Theatre Box 

Creators: Yes Mama! Comedy  Reviewer: Simon Topping Cara Dawson and Alex Nash are dead.  We are welcomed to their funeral service with delicious quiche snacks and a rousing rendition of I Don't Feel like Dancing by the Scissor Sisters.  But are they really dead? This is what the audience are about to find out in this engaging one-hour comedy duo ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE:  Marie – The Warren, Theatre Box

Creators: House of Mirth Reviewer: Simon Topping Liz, the Landlady of the Prince Arthur, is hosting their regular theme night.  There are two rules to the evening, the first being that the person you choose must be dead and secondly you have to be dressed up to get in. Elsewhere in London, a young Scottish woman (Marie) steps off a ...

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