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The Mousetrap – The Alexandra, Birmingham

Writer: Agatha Christie Director: Gareth Armstrong Reviewer: Tim Harding “When the snow melts lots of things may have happened.” An isolated Manor House.  A blizzard cutting the inhabitants off from civilization. A mismatched assemblage of characters thrown together by circumstance and forced to endure together by fate.  Where else could we be but in an Agatha Christie plot?  Specifically, we ...

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The Mousetrap – Orchard Theatre, Dartford

Writer: Agatha Christie Director: Gareth Armstrong Reviewer: Dan English There are twists, gasps and foul play aplenty in the hard-working touring production of the long-running West End hit The Mousetrap, penned by renowned sleuth scribe Agatha Christie. Cut off from the rest of civilisation in the midst of a heavy winter storm, the guests as the newly opened Monkswell Manor ...

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The Woman in Black – The Grand Theatre, Blackpool

A scene from The Woman In Black by Susan Hill @ Fortune Theatre.

Writer: Susan Hill Director: Robin Herford Reviewer: Rebecca Cohen It is the play that is dubbed ‘the most terrifying live theatre experience in the world’, and one that is celebrating three decades of success on London’s West End. The Woman in Black has been regularly touring the UK since 1989, and although the current adaptation is gripping and well cast, ...

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The Mousetrap – Theatre Royal, Norwich

Writer: Agatha Christie Director: Gareth Armstrong Reviewer: Lu Greer The Mousetrap is, of course, known as being famously the longest running show on London’s West End. Indeed, it has run for the entirety of Queen Elizabeth’s reign beginning in 1952 as she took the throne. Coming from the mind of Agatha Christie it is recognised as the quintessential period whodunit, ...

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The Mousetrap – Theatre Royal, Brighton

Writer: Agatha Christie   Director: Gareth Armstrong  Reviewer: Simon Topping The Mousetrap is a theatrical phenomenon. It has been running continuously in London’s West End for as long as Elizabeth II, the longest reigning incumbent monarch, has been on the throne:  over sixty-seven years. The England of the 1950s is almost unrecognisable to that of today, yet this play endures. The ...

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The Mousetrap – The Lowry, Salford.

Writer: Agatha Christie Director: Gareth Armstrong Reviewer: Sam Lowe “Suspect everyone!” is intimidatingly written on the show’s poster. Yet, simultaneously we suspect someone. Tonight, the audience take on the role of investigator as they attempt to deduce whodunit; who committed the murder? Which character has the opportune moment and which one has the fitting motive? Yes, this is the world’s ...

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The Mousetrap – Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford

Writer: Agatha Christie Director: Gareth Armstrong Reviewer: Alice Fowler How well can you really know someone? Is everyone, in fact, a stranger? And what do you do when you find yourself cut off in an eccentric country guesthouse and learn there is a murderer in your midst? Such questions have thrilled and provoked Mousetrap audiences since 1952. It is, famously, ...

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INTERVIEW: Gwyneth Strong praises diverse roles for women ahead of her performance as Mrs Boyle in a new national tour of Agatha Christie’s classic, The Mousetrap

“I’m really looking forward to playing a bombastic, difficult woman,” says former Only Fools and Horses actor Gwyneth Strong. Best known for her role as Cassandra, Rodney’s love interest in the BBC sitcom, Strong will star as the formidable Mrs Boyle in Agatha Christie’s classic murder mystery play, The Mousetrap. Now in its sixty-eighth year, the play is set to ...

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