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Famla – The MAC, Belfast

Writer: John McCann Director: Patrick J O’Reilly Reviewer: Colm G Doran ‘Any idea what this one’s about?’ ‘Haven’t a clue.’ ‘Famla…Famm-lah…Doesn’t give much away does it?!’ A couple queuing up to see Tinderbox’s latest piece show some confusion over what they are about to witness. As we enter the space and take in Ciaran Bagnall’s impressive towering structures of rotted ...

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The Best Thing – mac, Birmingham

Vamos Theatre in The Best Thing

Writer: Rachael Savage Music: Janie Armour Director: Rachael Savage Reviewer: Gemma Corden   This bittersweet production from Vamos, the UK’s leading full mask theatre company, brings to life an uncomfortable chapter of British social history with surprising depth and tenderness. It is 1968 and teenager Susan has her whole life ahead of her. But when Susan becomes pregnant, father Bill ...

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Gulliver – Smock Alley, Dublin

Director: Zoe Seaton Creators: Zoe Seaton and Shelley Atkinson Reviewer: Liam Harrison Are you a man or a horse? Gulliver is a multi-media performance from Big Telly, it is a play which delves into the family interludes that occur between the fantastical journeys from Jonathan Swift’s novel Gulliver’s Travels. Taking its starting-point from the novel’s end, the audience are invited ...

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Lally the Scut – The MAC, Belfast

Writer: Abbie Spallen Director: Michael Duke Reviewer: Caitriona M. Reilly If the audience were to take one thing from Tinderbox’s and The MAC’s new production, Lally the Scut, it would be that playwright Abbie Spallen is pissed off. Spallen’s play is a spiteful critique of “post”-conflict/Troubles Northern Ireland and the different caricatures who enable grief and trauma. As a child, ...

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One Sandwich Short of a Genius – The MAC, Belfast

Created by: Zoë Seaton and Shelley Atkinson Devised by: Big Telly Theatre Company Director: Zoë Seaton Reviewer: Megan W. Minogue It’s a stressful time for the Talbot family: daughter Becky is a few days away from her wedding, son Kenny is anxious about making captain of the rowing team, and mum is trying to keep everything in order after dad ...

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WHAT’S HOT: Week beginning 15th September 2014

History and choice seem to be the running themes through this weeks What’s Hot choices. With plenty of theatre happening up and down the country we would love to know what you thought if you go and see any of these productions. Likewise if you think we have missed something off the list then again let us know in the ...

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Tejas Verdes – The MAC, Belfast.

Director: Sophie Motley Writer: Fermin Cabal Translator: Robert Shaw Reviewer: Megan W. Minogue Tejas Verdes, which translates as ‘Green Gables’ and refers to a detention and torture centre used in the aftermath of Pinochet’s coup in September 1973, tells the stories of various people affected by a young woman named Colorina, who was one of around 3,000 people ‘disappeared’ by ...

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