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The War Has Not Yet Started – Drum, Theatre Royal, Plymouth

Writer:Mikhail Durnekov Translator:Noah Birksted-Breen Director:Michael Fentiman Reviewer: Joan Phillips   The War Has Not Yet Started is a composite of 12 short stories reflecting some of the very human anxieties of today’s troubled world. Written by Mikhail Durnenkov and translated from the original Russian by Noah Birksted-Breen, this 80-minute play bleakly captures some of society’s deepest, sometimes hidden, and often ...

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Labels – The Drum, Theatre Royal Plymouth

Writer: Joe Sellman-Leava Reviewer:Marina Waters   The multi-award winning fringe sensation Labels is a vibrant, original, and sublimely constructed piece of theatre that effortlessly blends humour with hard-hitting issues. The one man show delves into the passive (and active) prejudices that lurk beneath the surface of modern multi-cultural Britain and the words and phrases used to assign meaning to a ...

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Pim and Theo – The Drum, Theatre Royal Plymouth

Image: Mie Neel

Writer: Mei Oulund Director: Alex Bryne Reviewer: Joan Phillips The question of freedom of speech is rarely far from the news. As our way of life moves from homogenous societies to more multicultural ones, the issue of freedom of speech becomes ever more complicated. Pim and Theo is an intelligent and thoughtful investigation into this issue and the difficulty of ...

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The Dishonoured – The Drum, Theatre Royal, Plymouth

Neil DSouza and Robert Mountford

Writer:Aamina Ahmad Director:Janet Steel Reviewer: Joan Phillips   Colonel Tariq, working for Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence in Lahore, has been enjoying celebrity and promotion for neutralising a major terrorist leader. Medals followed, a possible promotion to Washington DC is in the air, the respect of colleagues and family is addictive. Tariq’s artist wife is thrilled at the possibility of a move ...

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Jonny & The Baptists: The End is Nigh – The Drum, Theatre Royal, Plymouth

Jonny Donahoe and Paddy Gervase

Devisors:Jonny Donahoe and Paddy Gervase Reviewer: Joan Phillips They do say you should never lie to children and maybe Jonny Donahoe will remember that next time he is tempted to give a child a short answer to a complicated question. This year’s offering from Donahoe and Gervers’ Jonny and the Baptists describes what happened when a fatigued Jonny accidentally told ...

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The Man With the Hammer – The Drum, Theatre Royal Plymouth

Jonny Holden, Harriet Slater, Tim Chipping

Writer: Phil Porter Director: Justin Audibert Reviewer: Joan Phillips   We are increasingly encountering groups of cyclists on our roads at weekends. Already a hugely popular sport and pastime on the Continent, the sport is growing in popularity here. Rarely out of the news the sport has attracted our admiration for its heroes like Bradley Wiggins and Chris Frome, and ...

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Monster Raving Loony – The Drum, Theatre Royal Plymouth

joanna brookes samuel james and camilla beeput

Writer: James Graham Director: Simon Stokes Reviewer: Joan Phillips   Get ready for a tsunami of television revivals in James Graham’s very funny, new play, Monster Raving Loony. Graham continues to mine the previously overlooked era of post-war20th Century party politics and puts together a tremendous evening out from the most surprising events. In the National Theatre’s sell-out This House, ...

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The Solid Life of Sugar Water – The Drum, Theatre Royal, Plymouth

Genevieve Barr and Arthur Hughes as Alice and Phil in The Solid Life Of Sugar Water

Writer: Jack Thorne Director: Amit Sharma Reviewer: Marina Spark   From the moment the audience makes its way into the intimate theatre space that is The Drum at the Theatre Royal, Plymouth it is clear that The Solid Life of Sugar Water is going to play with theatrical norms. An impressively realistic upended bedroom, complete with vertically sleeping actors, forms ...

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