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All You Need Is LSD – The DOOR, Birmingham REP

Writer: Leo Butler Directors: Paul Hunter and Stephen Harper Reviewer: Selwyn Knight Sometimes you’ll finish watching a production and ask yourself. ‘What were they on when they wrote that?’ – no need for that question after Told By An Idiot’s All You Need is LSD – as playwright, Leo Butler told the Guardian, while interviewing Professor David Nutt for this ...

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Pop Music – The DOOR, Birmingham REP

Writer: Anna Jordan Director: James Grieve Reviewer: Selwyn Knight Have you ever heard a few bars of a song and been immediately transported back in time to your younger self, with all your youthful aspirations, emotions and insecurities to boot? G and Kayla have. During an evening at a wedding reception, Kayla and G meet and strike up a friendship ...

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Meek – The DOOR, Birmingham REP

Writer: Penelope Skinner Director: Amy Hodge Reviewer: John Kennedy Sharing similarities with the oppressive dystopian State versus the rebellious heroine tropes of The Crucible, The Handmaid’s Tale and The Hunger Games, Penelope Skinner’s unnamed Scandinavian setting is a post-conflict police/priest state mandated by ultra-orthodox Christian dogma. All are answerable to The Disciples. Thought-crimes of the soul - blasphemy - are punishable by stoning to death. The ...

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Trying It On – The DOOR, Birmingham REP

Writer: David Edgar Director: Christopher Haydon Reviewer: Selwyn Knight David Edgar is 70 this year. Simple subtraction shows that he was 20 in 1968, the year known for student unrest and demonstrations across the world. And while Edgar didn’t take part in demonstrations, he was nevertheless beating the socialist drum as chair of the Socialist Society (or “SocSoc”) at Manchester ...

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Pyar Actually – The DOOR, Birmingham REP

Writer: Sukh Ojla Director: Pravesh Kumar  Reviewer: James Garrington Polly has a good life, all things considered. She has a good husband, a good job, children. It’s not the life she used to dream of, but who gets to do that? Then out of the blue, she is contacted by an old flame, Bali. He is a successful businessman now living in ...

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Napoleon Disrobed – The DOOR, Birmingham REP

Writer: Told By An Idiot, based on the book by Simon Leys Director: Kathryn Hunter Reviewer: John Kennedy Told by an Idiot theatre company invites its audience to enter into a conspiratorial ‘Just what if?’ hypothetical premise where historical givens are given a severely anachronistic anarchical shaking up. What if Bonaparte was not alone in his part of an elaborate escape hoax? Escape from St ...

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Elephant – The DOOR, Birmingham REP

Writer: Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti Director: Lucy Morrison Reviewer: John Kennedy The PR for this première performance quotes from the text promising a family of ‘Real flesh and blood, not out of a catalogue or an Oxo advert.’ As if a further contextual reality-check is needed, one of the family comments that it’s ok to be gay because ‘they’ve got one in Eastenders.’ The Royal ...

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Penguins – The DOOR, Birmingham REP

Three dancers dressed as penguins step out

Choreographer: Carlos Pons Guerra Director: Paul Bosco McEneany Reviewer: John Kennedy Penguins is based on the true story of two male Chinstrap penguins at Central Park Zoo, New York, who, for gender confusions too complicated to contemplate, attempt to hatch a chick from a lump of rock. Good luck to the infant school teachers explaining that one to their delightful ...

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