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An Afternoon with Brian Blessed – The Lowry, Salford.

Reviewer: Sam Lowe “Can you hear me?” Brian Blessed asks the loyal audience. The whole of Salford can. If he’s not known for his larger than life personality, he’s renowned for his tremendous, reverberating, operatic, and sonorous voice. It is simply iconic. Blessed has had a long and successful career as an actor, writer, presenter, and comedian. This afternoon’s talk ...

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Pip Stewart – Human impact on a remote region – Exeter Phoenix

Writer and presenter: Pip Stewart Production: The Royal Geographical Society with IBG Reviewer: Margarita Shivarova Pip Stewart (Phillippa Stewart), is a journalist, explorer, and adventure seeker, and delivers a talk that is emotional, informative and inspiring. She looks back at her expeditions in Brazil, Peru, and Guyana bringing her personal observations and learning curves into focus, and painting a picture that ...

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Andy Kirkpatrick – Psychovertical – The Lowry, Salford

Writer/Director: Andy Kirkpatrick Reviewer: Sam Lowe Walking into the foyer, this event has attracted quite a following, perhaps many of them are climbers and walkers. There were people at the theatre who might not usually go to the theatre. So, this is a positive start to the evening. Speakers from the Edge present speaker, Andy Kirkpatrick, a British mountaineer, author, and ...

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Michelle McManus: Pop Goes the Idol – The Stand in the Square, Edinburgh

Reviewer: Matt Farnham Michelle McManus can undoubtedly sing, after all, she won Pop Idol back in 2003, which she kindly reminds the audience was by a landslide and with over 8.2 million votes. In her third show at the Edinburgh Fringe, she returns to the tried and tested formula of storytelling mixed with some well‐chosen songs. The show starts with ...

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Bob Dylan & The History of Rock ’n’ Roll – The Civic, Barnsley

Writer: Michael Gray Reviewer: Ray Taylor Michael Gray is a renowned world authority on Bob Dylan, having studied him over a lifetime and produced two monumental books on Dylan's life and work. He attempts to distill all his knowledge and appreciation of Dylan in this one-man performance that is partly lecture, but also includes rare footage and soundtrack recordings. Gray ...

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