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Moscow City Ballet: Swan Lake – Palace Theatre, Manchester

Artistic Director: Lyudmila Nerubashchenko Conductor: Igor Shavruk Reviewer: Donna Kelly It’s hard to believe that the original 1877 production of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake was considered a failure. Today, Swan Lake is one of the most famous and popular classical ballets of all time, with Moscow City Ballet billing it as one of their signature pieces. Swan Lake tells the bewitching ...

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The Nutcracker – Chichester Festival Theatre

Music: Pyotr IlyichTchaikovsky Director: Lyudmila Nerubaschenko Conductor: Igor Shavruk Choreography: Victor Smirnov-Golovanov Reviewer: Bill Avenell There is something magical about the phrase ‘going to the ballet’ and, by and large, the Moscow City  Ballet (MCB) does its bit to maintain that reputation in the 2017 tour that commences at Chichester Festival Theatre. Firmly in the classical Russian School, the MCB ...

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Swan Lake – Festival Theatre, Chichester

Moscow City Ballet corps de ballet and leads

Composer: Pyotr Tchaikovsky Conductor: Igor Shavruk Reviewer: Bill Avenell   It is that time of year again when the Moscow City Ballet visits Chichesterand,if Swan Lake at the Festival Theatre is anything to go by, 2016 will have more positives than negatives. One such indication is that, whereas sometimes in the past the Moscow City Ballet Orchestra has sounded a ...

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Moscow City Ballet, Swan Lake – Opera House, Manchester

Music: Pyotr Tchaikovsky Artistic Director: Lyudmila Nerubashchenko Conductor: Igor Shavruk Reviewer: Donna Kelly There have been many interpretations of Swan Lake over the years, but Moscow City Ballet’s latest performance of the famous classical ballet is one of the best. Swan Lake tells the story of Prince Siegfried and his love for Odette, a beautiful princess turned into a white ...

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Giselle – Moscow City Ballet – Opera House, Manchester

Music: Adolphe Adam Version &Direction: Victor Smirnov-Golovanov Choreography: Jules Perrot, Jean Correli, Marius Petipa, Leonid Lavrovsky, Victor Smirnov-Golovanov Reviewer: Peter Jacobs Giselleis one of the few surviving ‘white’ Romantic ballets, first performed in Paris in 1841, created by Jules Perrot and Jean Correli. Much of their version apparently survives, augmented by the 1884 production by the legendary Marius Petipa for ...

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Giselle – Chichester Festival Theatre, Chichester

Composer: Adolphe Adam Artistic Director: Lyudmila Nerubaschenko Reviewer: Bill Avenell Chichester Festival Theatre even with its revamp may not be quite the Royal Opera House and Liliya Orekhova and Talgat Kozhabaev not quite in the league of Fonteyn and Nuryev but in their current tour The Moscow City Ballet and two of its established principals give a lovely interpretation of ...

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The Nutcracker, Moscow City Ballet – Richmond Theatre, London

Composer:PyotrTchaikovsky Director:VictorSmirnov­-Golanov Reviewer:CavelleLeigh Tchaikovsky’sTheNutcracker,isunfailinglylinkedtothegaietyofChristmas(andfortheeighty’s childamongusHomeAlone).NevermindthenthatthisoneisperformedinFebruaryatthe RichmondTheatre,thoughquiteaptly,foraworkbythefamouscomposer,bytheMoscowCity Ballet. IttellsthestoryofyoungClara,whohastheultimateGodfatherinDrosselmeyer.Notonlydoeshe dressupasSantaandspoilherwithtoysatChristmas,hemakesthemcomealive.Cueamagical balletthathasenchantedadultsandchildrenalikeforoveracentury. Inacolourfulfirstscene,oneseesClara(YuliaZhuravleva)andherbrotherFritz(NinoUchava) eagerlyanticipatingChristmasday,duringaChristmasEvepartyheldbytheirfather.Enter’life andsoul’Drosselmeyer(SergeiSaliev)whomightbedescribedasTHEgodfather.Firstdressedas FatherChistmas,thenasamagicianhetreatsClaratotheNutcrackerDoll(thecharmingValeriy Kravtsov),MouseKingDoll(themenacingYaroslavAlekhnovich)andDoll(theplayfulMarina Larina)whomiraculouslyawakenclosetomidnight. Whatshouldunfoldisabewitchingfairytale,yetwhileitisn’twhollydisappointing,thisrather formattedproductionoffersnothingbywayoforiginality.Itretainsatraditionalstylethroughout, whichinitselfnobadthing.Howeveritappearstobesomewhatrepetitive,witheachscene notably similartothelast. Thefirstactisratherchaotic,withperhapstoomanyofthecorpsdeballetpresent forastage restrictedinsize.Unfortunatelytheylackedtheprecisionandsynchronisationonemight expectof suchthishighlyregardedcompany,anddonnedseeminglycheapcostumesthaton occasionwould bebetterplacedinaChristmaspanto. MorepromisewasshowninthesecondactwithiconicscenesliketheLandoftheSnowflakesand theWaltzoftheFlowers.MostenjoyablyistheLandoftheSweetswheretheaudienceis transportedtoArabia,SpainandChinainamedleyofexoticdanceperformedbyEkaterina Tokareva,EkaterinaOdarenko,ElenaKotelkinaandMikharuNishi.Assolo,pasdedeuxorpas detrois,ballerinasoftheMoscowCityBallettrulyshowtheirstrength.TheNutcrackerPrince (KanatNadyrbek),theMouseKing(TalgatKozhabaev),theFlowerFairy(LiliyaOrekhova)and againClara(Zhuravleva)alldisplayedcontrolledandgiftedtechnique,leavingtheimpression oncemorethatthecorpsdeballet,oftenstatic,weresurplustorequirements. Overallthisadaptationleavesoneunaffectedeitherway.OnefeelsthattheMoscowCityBallet hasmuchpotentialbutalittlemorecreativityandperfectionismwouldnotgounrewarded. Runsuntil2nd March (then touring)

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The Moscow City Ballet, Swan Lake – Royal & Derngate, Northampton

Music: Tchaikovsky Artistic Director: Ludmila Nerubashenko Reviewer: Rosella Barnes The Moscow City Ballet truly excel themselves with this stunning performance of Swan Lake. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, now under the dedicated eye of Ludmila Nerubashenko, Moscow City Ballet’s distinctive style of Russian classical ballet can’t help but please everyone in the audience. With the unmistakable score by Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake ...

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