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Transatlantic Sessions – Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Reviewer:  John Kennedy For a more than a decade now, Birmingham commissures of Celtic/Americana Roots music have eagerly welcomed back the Transatlantic Sessions anticipating an uplifting and much-needed tonic to a weary world - and never more so. These artists and their collective eclectic muse are an apposite reminder that this sublime, canon of music draws its inspirational soul from ...

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Holst’s The Planets – Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Nicholas Collon

Conductor: Nicholas Collon Reviewer:  Selwyn Knight The Planets is possibly the most popular and enduring of the orchestral works of Gustav Holst. Based on the astrological properties of the planets to give each of its movements its own flavour and personality, its original title was Seven Pieces for Large Orchestra, and this is certainly appropriate as the large stage of ...

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There Will Be Blood: Live – Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Composer: Jonny Greenwood Conductor: Hugh Brunt Director: Paul Thomas Anderson Reviewer:  George Attwell Gerhards One notable thing about There Will Be Blood is Jonny Greenwood’s haunting soundtrack, an assault of tense and uneasy strings that sets your teeth on edge right from the first few shots. It perfectly captures the mood of Paul Thomas Anderson’s bleak sparse exploration of the ...

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Friday Night Classics: John Williams at The Oscars – Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Conductor: Michael Seal Reviewer:  Selwyn Knight John Williams is a musical chameleon. He is able to adjust his style to suit, it seems, any film, although he will, of course, forever be associated in the minds of audiences everywhere for his long-standing collaboration with Stephen Spielberg, having scored all but three of the latter’s films. Almost 85 years of age, ...

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Anton and Erin: Swingtime – Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Anton and Erin in Swingtime

Conductor: Richard Balcombe Reviewer:  James Garrington Anyone who has ever watched the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing will be familiar with the names of Erin Boag and Anton du Beke. Boag performed in the first ten series of the programme, and du Beke has been a permanent, and very popular, fixture through the entire run. With a title like Swing Time ...

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The Glenn Miller Orchestra – Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Musical Director: Ray McVay Reviewer:  John Kennedy From the late 60s to early 70s any Christmas UK TV schedule would be meagre fare were it to miss another repeat of The Glenn Miller Story (1954, Dir. Anthony Mann). Jimmy Stewart's signature voice of considered throaty hesitation on the telephone to his wife remains cinematic gold and was often parodied with ...

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The Sound of Musicals – Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Conductor: Richard Balcombe Reviewer:  Selwyn Knight The interregnum between Christmas and New Year. Chocolate overload. How to return to some semblance of normality and refresh one’s artistic palate? This is one question that The Sound of Musicals sets out to answer. There’s no mention of chestnuts, snow or miraculous births, but plenty of memories from famous musicals. The programme includes ...

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ABBA Classics – Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Conductor: Pete Harrison Reviewer:  James Garrington It’s hard to believe that it’s now very nearly 35 years since ABBA broke up. Yet over the relatively brief period that they were performing together their songs and musical style struck a chord with fans around the world, and continue to reach new audiences each day. Formed in 1972, they shot to worldwide ...

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