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Simple Things – The Lowry, Salford

Writer and performer: Phil Buckley Reviewer: Dave Cunningham [Rating:3]   Comedians often use aspects of their personal lives as the basis for their professional routines. Phil Buckley takes a literal approach to autobiography and describes incidents from his life in a laid back manner with little exaggeration. In his new show Simple Things Buckley tries to understand how, despite continuing ...

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Michael Winslow: Man of 10,000 Voices – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Jo Beggs [rating:4] Michael Winslow is a man who makes sounds…thousands of sounds, sounds you never thought a man could make. Power tools, screaming guitars, that beepy noise the supermarket scanner makes, sex toys. Strange sounds, movie sounds, everyday sounds. Michael Winslow is also the man who played Sgt. Larvelle “Motor Mouth” Jones in the Police Academy movies. Given ...

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Simon Amstell: Numb – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Tracey Lowe [rating:5] The British public have seen Simon Amstell’s career progress nicely over the last few years. From his sarcastic interviewing style on Popworld, to offending D-list “celebrities” on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, to writing and performing in the superb Grandma’s House. But stand-up is where he really shines, and this follow-up to his wonderful ‘Do Nothing’ show ...

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Barry and Stuart: Show and Tell – Lowry Theatre, Salford

Reviewer: Tracey Lowe [rating:5] With magicians, a lot of their appeal lies in the mystique. Fantastic feats happen before your very eyes, and you go home thinking “how in the world did they do that?” Performers like Derren Brown create no illusions, beginning his act telling the audience that he possesses no psychic or magical powers whatsoever. Barry and Stuart ...

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Stewart Francis : Outstanding in his Field – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Dave Cunningham [Rating:4] Stewart Francis is a throwback to past generations of comedians who revealed little of their private lives but developed routines full of dynamite one-liners and jokes with actual punchlines.Francis certainly isn’t an observational comic; he expresses puzzled admiration for those like Michael McIntyre ( ‘ I don’t know how he does it. Oh yes : he ...

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The Return of Boothby Graffoe – The Lowry, Salford

Writer: James Martyn Rogers Reviewer: Dave Cunningham [Rating:3.5] Comedians use the occasional song to add variety to their act. Boothby Graffoe does the reverse – music dominates his performance. He goes so far as to enlist the support of talented multi-instrumentalist Nick Pynn to boost the sound of the show. Less successfully he uses, and comes into conflict with, pre-recorded ...

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