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Lord of the Flies – The Sherman Theatre, Cardiff

Written by: William Golding Director: Emma Jordan Reviewer: Beth Steer Set on a remote island, where a group of crash-landed school children are creating a new, temporary, and terrifying society, Lord of the Flies is every bit as enthralling as it is uncomfortable. As the kids ‘rip up the rule book and start all over again’, their island adventures soon turn into a chilling, ...

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Land of Our Fathers – Trafalgar Studios, London

Writer: Chris Urch Director: Paul Robinson Reviewer: Paul Couch "I can't imagine a childhood without Welsh accents..." reflects miner Chewy in Chris Urch's play Land of Our Fathers, currently playing at Trafalgar Studios. For those of us with similar recollections, we can only marvel at the extraordinary attention to detail in Urch's script, each colloquialism written and delivered with pinpoint ...

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NEWS: Kerry Ellis Seeks New Talent in the Valleys

Kerry Ellis is set to give her first performance in the Rhondda. As patron of the Encore Music Biz Contemporary Young Artist Competition, she will be appearing at the final of this brand new event. Over the coming months, aspiring singer/songwriters will be competing in the hope of getting through to the finals, held in The Auditorium, Rhondda College on ...

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