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Rose McGowan: Planet 9 – Assembly Hall, Edinburgh

Writer: Rose McGowan Insightfully, this is a wholly different Rose McGowan than perhaps one may envision from the media. Preconceptions about Planet 9 will be rife, this is not an in-depth examination of #MeToo culture, nor a ‘tell-all tale’ which the jackals may pounce towards. Instead, it’s an open, free moving event where McGowan encourages meditation. An accompanying album to ...

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Oyster Boy – Kings Arms, Salford

  Company: Haste Theatre Reviewer: Katherine Kirwin Oyster Boy is a dark comedy, adapted from a Tim Burton short story, telling the story of a couple who fall in love and give birth to a son with an oyster-shaped head. The story is a tale of love and acceptance, of conformity and expectations, it is dark and blackly funny. Haste ...

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Swinging at the Cotton Club – The Lowry, Salford

Music: Harry Strutters Hot Rhythm Orchestra Dance: The Jiving Lindy Hoppers Reviewer: Hannah Hiett [rating: 3.5] The Lowry's Quays Theatre was filled with silver haired jazz aficionados and white loafered dance fans who remembered a time before dancing was a choice between simulating an epileptic fit or excercising one's powers of the bump n grind... Possibly as a consequence, Swinging ...

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