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Storm in a Flower Vase – Arts Theatre, London

Writer: Anton Burge Director: Alan Strachan Reviewer: Elizabeth Vile [rating:3.5] Storm in a Flower Vase is a detailed and interesting portrayal of the life of Constance Spry. By focusing on just a few years of Spry’s life (1932-36) Anton Burge has written a tender but revealing play about a very interesting and dynamic woman. Interlaced with a selection of Spry’s ...

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Luck Penny – Lion and Unicorn Theatre, London

Writer: Aisling Foster Director: Cherry Cookson Reviewer: Karl O’Doherty [rating:3] The story of the Russian crown jewels and the Irish underground government is one of the more interesting and fun ones to come out of the near impenetrable bleakness that generally surrounds the post 1916 years in Ireland. There are all the elements of a good political story with personality ...

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