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An Evening with Anthony Joshua – The Lowry, Salford

Black boxer

Reviewer: Matt Forrest It would be fair to say that there is very little left for Anthony Joshua to achieve: at the tender of age of 27, he is an Olympic champion, has won gold at the 2012 games in London and is a previous British, Commonwealth and WBC International heavyweight champion. At present, he is the reigning and defending ...

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Ana Morales Flamenco Company: Reunión – The Lowry, Salford

Flamenco dancer (female)

Reviewer: Peter Jacobs With the support of British flamenco promoters Flamenco Edition, Ana Morales and David Coria – two of the most exciting and highly-regarded flamenco performers today – bring this brand new show from the heat of Seville to the barely holding-off May drizzle of Salford (and elsewhere in the UK for a short tour). Reunión is staged with ...

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Life By The Throat – The Lowry, Salford

Woman in football top

Writer: Eve Steele Director: Ed Jones Reviewer: Jo Beggs Jamie is trouble. Before he turns ten he’s a liar and a thief. He roams around the Hulme Crescents like he owns the place. And that’s just the start of a wretched life. In and out of prison for theft and violence, drinking himself into oblivion, doing all the drugs he ...

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The Toad Knew – The Lowry, Salford

Man in fur coat

Creator: James Thierree Reviewer: Dave Cunningham A solitary figure who enjoys reading, a petit wild child and a sprite flitting above the stage. No, this isn’t The Tempest but the surreal world of The Toad Knew. The production is close to a one-man show with James Thierree as writer, composer and set designer – he even contributed to the lighting. ...

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Spring Reign – The Lowry, Salford

Arabic man next to wreckage of tank

Writer: Rob Johnston Director: Benedict Power Reviewer: Andrea Allen If someone asked you to conjure up a picture of Aleppo, it’s likely you’d picture a smoldering wreck, plunged into desolation, a place more akin to a building site that a bustling metropolis. Summoning an image of the decadent architecture, green spaces, busy marketplaces and clean streets millions once called home ...

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Bridget Christie: Because You Demanded It – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Lizz Clark Early on in her set, speeding off on a sideways train of thought, the award-winning comic starts to sashay and stride around the stage like an extra from a Ministry of Silly Walks sketch. Knees flailing and arms akimbo, she hams up an East End accent and strings lots of long words together without saying very much. ...

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Tony Law – The Lowry – Salford

Tony Law hugging a tree

Reviewer: Matt Forrest If you’re looking for a string of gags or a set of one-liners you can pass off when you’re down the pub with your mates, then sadly Tony Law is not the man for you: during the 80minute set, not a single joke was told. However, what we are treated to is a journey into the mind ...

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