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Until The Lions  –  Roundhouse, London

Director and Choreographer: Akram Khan Reviewer:  Richard Maguire Akram Khan’s farewell continues and this week sees his last performances in his show Until The Lions, first seen at The Roundhouse in 2016. If this really is to be his final performance as a dancer then it’s a fitting and an emotional goodbye. In May of 2018, Khan danced his last ...

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Clamour – Roundhouse, London

Created by: Simon Katan and Luke Fraser Reviewer: Karl O’Doherty There’s no future in the performing arts if practitioners rely on familiar and well-trodden tactics and techniques to gain audience attention. We moved on from basic sparklers as “lightning” to full-blown pyrotechnic capabilities, for example. So it’s super to see theatre makers experiment with technology to tell a story or ...

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Hive City Legacy – The Roundhouse, London

Writer: Busty Beatz, Lisa Fa’alafi, Yami Lofvenberg and A League of Extraordinary Femmes Director: Lisa Fa’alafi Reviewer: Maryam Philpott There could be no better time for Femmes of Colour to debut their latest show Hive City Legacy; with the anniversary of the arrival of the Windrush generation, celebrations to mark a century of women’s suffrage and this week’s visit by ...

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The Bekkrell Effect – The Roundhouse, London

Performers: Groupe Bekkrell Reviewer: Richard Maguire A Punk circus in one of the homes of Punk seems like good marketing. In 1976, The Ramones played their first British gig at The Roundhouse in Camden and in the audience were members of The Clash, The Damned, and The Sex Pistols, the pioneers of British Punk. Punk is meant to angry, anarchic ...

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The Unsung – The Roundhouse, London

Writer: Genevieve Carver Reviewer: Christie-Luke Jones The Unsung stands before its audience wearing two equally impressive hats. On one hand, it’s a globe-trotting, heartbreaking eulogy for musicians who lived and died in varying degrees of obscurity. And on the other, it’s a joyful celebration of music as an undying beacon of hope and inspiration. Poet Genevieve Carver and her three-piece ...

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Out of Love – Summerhall, Edinburgh

two women one man standing

Writer: Elinor Cook Director: James Grieve Reviewer: John Kennedy Elinor Cook’s life-affirming, celebratory love-letter to childhood innocence, inseparable friendship, parental break-ups, adolescent angst and amazement, not least, teenage clumsy fag and bike-shed fumbling are the stepping-stones of Lorna and Grace’s lives. The play’s title has teasing ambiguities. Out of their love, any later nuance of gay affection, seems almost trivial, ...

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Lost In Blue – Roundhouse, London

Writer and Performer: Debs Newbold Director: John Wright Reviewer:Ruby Isla Cera Marle Annie is 17, defiant, anaspiring artist and a daydreamer. After 15 years of living in sun-soaked Australia, Annie and her mother are relocating back to the UK, Birmingham to be precise. Her father, Paul, has been in a coma for over a decade, kept alive only by a ...

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