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Outlying Islands – King’s Head Theatre, London

Writer: David Greig Director: Jessica Lazar Reviewer: Stephen Bates The great appeal of David Greig’s Outlying Islands stems from its unpredictability. Audiences are left always uncertain as to whether they are watching a slapstick comedy, a brittle romance or a suspense thriller as the writer skirts around dramatic conventions with canny skill. The play received its London premiere at the ...

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Eyam – Shakespeare’s Globe, London

Writer: Matt Hartley Director: Adele Thomas Reviewer: Sophia Moss Picture this: you live in a small village surrounded by moors, woods and streams. A deadly, contagious illness is spreading through your community, but you can’t tell if you have caught it until a few days after infection. Do you stay in your village to avoid spreading the illness to neighbouring ...

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Edinburgh Fringe: Be Fruitful and Multiply – C Venues

Writer: Adam Farrell, Martin McDowell and Rose Wardlaw Music and Lyrics: Harry Zundel, Ollie Feather and Ronan Shiels Director: Owen Petty Reviewer: Lauren Humphreys [Rating:3] Be Fruitful and Multiply is billed as a light-hearted take on the story of creation and suggests that God and the Devil might not be the universe's opposing forces but merely highly incompatible business partners. ...

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